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Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Tamaulipas: GOPES Instill Fear Inside Cartels, 415 Criminals Captured

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

They attack the operational base of organized crime in Tamaulipas; confiscate arsenals

Elements of the Tamaulipas Special Operations Group received training from elite units in Mexico and the United States.

The Tamaulipas Special Operations Group (GOPES) managed to arrest more than 400 people related to high-impact criminal acts in the state, most of the arrests were made in the border area.

The above was announced by the director of the Gopes, Félix Arturo Rodríguez, who explained that this group has achieved the arrest of 415 people linked to organized crime. Along with the seizure of 1,074 firearms since the creation of this group.

So far, in the events in which elements of the Gopes have participated in. The arrest or confrontations against criminal groups, no loss of human life has been recorded by elements of this corporation.

"Thank God we’ve had no dead within our ranks. They’ve been injured, but we haven’t had any casualties," he said.

For the director of the Gopes, the most conflictive area in Tamaulipas is the border strip, however calm has remained in the municipalities that make up this area. So far there are plans to increase the number of elements in this police group.

Given the change in the state administration that will take place in October this year, the official indicated that it is important that this operational group remains in office. However, this decision is out of his reach.

"It’s important to know what will happen because this is a group that has dedicated itself to fighting organized crime and they’re necessary in the state, throughout the country," added Rodríguez Rodríguez.


The tasks carried out by the elements of the Special Operations Group of Tamaulipas range from the arrest of leaders of criminal groups, the dismantling of illegal networks of video cameras, the apprehension of migrants, drugs and firearms.

The elite group was created by a decree of the governor in the year 2020. It’s made up of elements of the Tamaulipas State Police. They received training from elite units in Mexico and the United States.

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  1. 415 criminals have been captured yet they'll never capture Cabeza de vaca 🤷🏻‍♂️😅🤣

    1. I was thinking something similar. More like Cabeza de Caca (as SIR calls him) is trying to save face. Hopefully once he's out of office the feds can hold him accountable if found guilty. 🤞🏼

    2. The GOPES have never been anything other than CRIMINALS, betraying cabeza de cagadas de vacas former friends and supporters zetas and golfas who got tortured and killed and robbed of their ill gotten gains to clean Pancho cagadas image...
      This report should read above "paid advertising" next edition will justify Jan 6 2021 insurrection or Bladdermir putin war of defense against Ukrainian "nazis schools and hospitals and apartment buildings..."
      But remember this:
      "shit does not fly"

    3. Fact SIR, just another cartel. Oh and Sol, you forgot to mention the murder of migrants when discribing what they've done. Example:The 16 (19 in all) that were killed and burned when they tried to cover it up by saying somekind of confrontation took place between criminal elements. They didn't think there was any witnesses but a couple of days later it all came out. And even then just some of the participants got busted, not all of them. A little more then half from my understanding. And how about them having CDV's back when they first put charges on him. They posted up with blindadas with turrents mounted where he was staying incase they tried to arrest him. They were willing to go against the federal government, they were willing to go against Mexico for a lacra ass governor!!! And they're needed across Mexico?!!! Please!!! That fool is tripping saying that. They just did the same thing about a month or so ago. A couple of military choppers landed in an airport in Cd. Victoria and CDV got paranoid thinking they were there to arrest him he barracaded himself at his spot reinforced and bodyguarded by the gopes. They say that when CDV's term is up he's getting locked upand that so is the head of gopes at the very least, but we'll see. I know that CDV is trying all kinds of methods to try to get the charges thrown out or atleast get an amparo. He still gots 6 months and that fool is conniving and will sell out his own mom in normal times, now that he's fearing for his freedom (and I would think his life) he has no limits as to what he'll do and say with that smooth tounge of his. Well I've ranted long enough, my bad, I apoligize , didn't realize how long it was, was enjoying myself to much😁

    4. has CDV been to Mexico City?
      what about the White House?
      arrest who? what? when?

    5. 1:26 panocho cabeza de cagadas de vacas was a federal congressman after being mayor of Reynosa financed by Osiel cardenas Guillen who was too busy murdering his friends to check on his bought and paid for politrickos...also was sponsored by martitha sahagun wife of la Chachalaca fox after being a "secretary" of Legionarios de Cristo founder Marcial Maciel who moved from Michuakan base to Nuevo Lion to con rich old widows off their savings.
      Martitha sahagun is also the niece of francisco sahagun baca, DFS and federal police commander fired for kidnapping, torture and murder whose grave was empty for a loooong time while he partied the rest of his life in peace.

    6. Arrest Caneza De Vaca. They already gottje arrest warrant but by law they have to wait till he's done with his term (I know, nonsense). I'm pretty sure he's been to Mexico city but no white house

  2. Just some criminals with uniforms the personal group of assassins of Cabeza de 🐮

  3. It's like grupo Hercules or gates

    1. 12:51 Wow! even Belly Jean can see through the BS...
      we are really going places.

    2. @SIR Moments of clarity. Emphasis on "moments"

    3. My nalgas need some rubbing alcohol, Mr masussue.

    4. 2:38 Wonder if a stick of dynamite would do, promise not to light it up when it is up your ass

    5. Ouch that Sir guy likes to masussue those nalgas. Now that I agree is wierd fetish.

    6. 8:51 you might win, tempt me with photos of your pinches nalgas apestosas, send them to Sol at BB...time to put out.
      Chole, do your part and post their pinchis nalgas apestosas

    7. 2:56 SIR you're becoming famous on being a massage therapist specialized in nalgas, which I learned means buttocks. Do you also take off the hair that grows down there?

    8. 7:24 sometimes I light a match to the alcohol in the cloud of hairs, it will extinguish the crabs for a while.

    9. SIR what will you do if hotdogs 12" becomes 16 "

    10. 1:58 hotdogs will prolly insert the long schlong up his own ass, but you seem to be pretty curious enough already, tell me about your plan to lose it all

  4. Cavesa de caca will be arrested but he's part of the show so he will get a slap on the wrist and a pat on the back for continuing to destabilize 🇲🇽
    NOT ONE Mexican narco president or narco-governor have EVER done any REAL time..
    War on drugs?..
    Who still buys that? 🤣

    1. Fe fi fo thumb
      I still buy that
      There is an impact on war on drugs.

    2. Tomas Yarrington is still locked up if I ain't mistaken and so is Catu.

    3. 7:17 he just pleaded guilty last month.
      In a high-profile case that dragged on for years as he avoided arrest by both U.S. and Mexican authorities, the former governor of the Mexican state of Tamaulipas has pled guilty to one count of money laundering. 😆

      How much time do you silly rabbits 🐇 think he will do?

      Like I said. He will get a slap on the wrist and a pat on the back. I bet he will get time served and get released SOON..

      You dummies don't learn haha

    4. Actually tomas yerington pleated guilty March 2021. He should already been charged for a plea deal for 1 count of money laundering. 💰
      I can't find any information regarding his sentance.
      He's most likely out and about.
      Money laundering is not a big charge.


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