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Friday, April 22, 2022

Shooting In Bahia De Banderas, Nayarit; Hitmen "Close" Ameca Bridges

 "Ivan" for Borderland Beat 

By: Lupillo Arce

Bahía de Banderas becomes a field of war when a strong armed confrontation was registered during the early hours of this Friday in the Alta Vela subdivision.

Until 6 in the morning there had been no information about whether there were injured or dead people, what could be seen was the mobilization of units of the Municipal Police, Police of the Criminal Investigation Agency, Mexican Army and National Guard in area.

Neighbors reported the confrontation that lasted for quite some time, interrupting the tranquility and leaving the residents in total uncertainty.

In addition to this, the two bridges that connect Puerto Vallarta with Bahía de Banderas over the Ameca River were "closed" due to the existence of "Hedgehogs", nails and rods that caused the puncture of at least 30 vehicles, placed with the intention of that the Army, the Navy and the National Guard did not arrive in time to support.

At the scene of the events, a large number of shell casings were found, and the walls of the houses were seen with multiple firearm impacts.

After cordoning off the place, they entered the Prosecutor's Office who requested the presence of expert personnel to take charge of lifting the evidence found. Officially nothing had been released, but it turned out that several vehicles were driving at excessive speed and the shots were present for several minutes.

Investigations into the events continued to clarify things. It is important to point out that it is the second shooting that is recorded in this municipality where they also shot at a home.



  1. Pinchi balasera lasted long enough to pick up deliveries on the port.

    1. Again with your ridiculous delusional ideas. You were there picking it up too right? Baboso


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