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Sunday, April 3, 2022

SEDENA Warns About The Increase In Synthetic Drugs; Sinaloa, The State With The Most Clandestine Laboratories Insured

 Ivan for "Borderland Beat" 

The Secretary of National Defense, General Luis Cresencio Sandoval González, pointed out that in Mexico synthetic drugs have an upward trend in consumption among the population.

"It is appreciated that synthetic drugs have an upward trend in their consumption due to their rapid addiction, less effort in production and transportation, as well as the economic gains they generate for organized crime," he said when giving a report on the subject in the morning conference this Thursday.

The head of SEDENA said that of the total drugs seized, 60.4 percent are synthetic whose market value would have been 76 thousand 452 million pesos, and 39.6 percent of what is seized are traditional drugs such as marijuana, poppy, rubber of opium, heroin and cocaine with a value of 50 thousand 90 million pesos. So far in the current administration, he explained that more than 300,000 poppy plantations and more than 50,000 marijuana plantations have been destroyed.

He added that the average age of starting synthetic drug use is between 17 and 18 years old.

One of the damages produced by synthetic drugs such as methamphetamine, which has a high level of addiction, is that it increases blood pressure and pulse, increases sensitivity to pain and seizures, while fentanyl, with a high level of addiction, decreases sensitivity to pain, blood pressure, heart rate, respiration, suffocation and deaths.

Of what the Mexican State seized by land, air and sea of ​​fentanyl are 2 thousand 879 kilograms and 13 million 588 thousand 860 pills; and of methamphetamines are 118 thousand 991 kilograms

In addition, 124 methamphetamine laboratories and three heroin laboratories have been dismantled, of which 54 were in Sinaloa. The general also reported the seizure of conventional drugs.



  1. Ta bien cabrón, quitarles sus drogas analyst pinchi gente y tener que librarse de la carga a mitad de precio... e
    E giniral sandoval que era encargado del penal de Piedras Negras lleno de zetas y compadre de Cienpedos no puede ser un santito.

    1. Yup, onother narco appointed government official


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