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Sunday, April 3, 2022

San Francisco del Mar, Oaxaca: Chinese Nationals Apprehended For Robbery And Extortion

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Video translation is as follows:

Enrique Borja: Meanwhile in Oaxaca authorities detained two Chinese citizens as mentioned in the headlines. Good afternoon Oscar Rodriguez. Tells us how this news came about.

Oscar Rodriguez: Good afternoon Enrique Borja. How have you been? I greet you with great pleasure from the state of Oaxaca. And I want to tell you that this morning in the Tehuantepec Isthmus area. Near San Francisco del Mar, state security forces and national immigration institutes detained two citizens from China.

Accused of the crime of extortion and robbery. These individuals were identified by immigration agents as being in the country illegally. Therefore, they’re also facing crimes of the common federal forum for extortion committed against merchants here in this area. For which they were reported.

They stole a motorcycle. These undocumented men of Chinese origin were identified and sent to the immigration checkpoint. Where their deportation to their country has already been carried out. Specifically to the country of China, to the Asian world. Authorities warn that these individuals had been in this area of ​​the Isthmus of Tehuantepec for just over 3 months.

Apparently they’re part of a gang dedicated to the extortion of merchants. They were strictly operating from the beneficial Juchitán to Santa Cruz zone. It’s being investigated by the prosecutor's office if there are more involved in this criminal network. Authorities apprehended these Chinese men who were sent to the immigration checkpoint in the Tehuantepec area here in Oaxaca.

Enrique Borja: Did these two subjects, these two Chinese citizens already have a previous complaint against them?

Oscar Rodríguez: Yes, on the part of the merchants. The court began to persecute them. Immediately when the persecution began, they stole an Itálica motorcycle and headed towards the direction of San Francisco del Mar, where they were finally arrested.

Apart from this fact it surfaced that they were foreign nationals. It’s known that they have complaints against them. It is also being investigated if there are more people of Chinese origin in this area. Where these types of extortions are being committed there against merchants and owners.

Enrique Borjas: Very well then Oscar. We'll stay tuned to what happens next. Have a good afternoon.

Oscar Rodriguez: Just as well may you also have a good afternoon.


Imparcial Oaxaca


  1. Pinchis chinos nomas cagando el garrote, when they used to made the best coffee and the best bread in their chinese coffee houses, also pastas and every kind of food.

  2. Typical building workers from China 🇨🇳

  3. This criminal wearing Aeropostle high fashion polo shirt. Barbie wore Polo Ralph Lauren

  4. Oh yea catch the real criminals not these random ass chinos that got abandoned by their coyote

    1. Billy da goat, they were extorting, that is a crime.

  5. Replies
    1. A la velga guey!
      yo paltil tu madle con mi kung fu estilo de templo Shaolin de Oaxaca. Yo sel desendiente de Bluce li y Chaqui Chan yo sel como Chuk Nollis

  6. Look at the cute 'lil fell'ers. They look like they need a slice of pie. Poor buggers🐐

    1. They couldn't get the American dream, so they decided to extort in Mexico. Miss H. Bake them an apple pie.
      They did not have money to bribe the judge,... quick deportation to China, I don't think China wants them back.

  7. Replies
    1. You just won an egg roll and a pu pu platter for your comment.

    2. Thats POPO platter dumbass

  8. Me so solly if I have to say this. Chinos thinks Mexico is childrens playground: I’ll give them 2 months before china man’s head rolls.

  9. There is a HUGE part of this story missing. These two 5 foot tall dudes was extorting Mexicans in Mexico? Yeah right.....

  10. 5:36 remember the 4 ft tall Japanese Kamikazes? They beat up the US melitary led by 7 feet tall Genera "Dugout Doug", Douglass McArthur, and 3 feet tall vietminh and vietcong beat up the french legionaires and their relief counterinsurgency specialists from the the US whose leaders specialize in looting the US Treasury and fleecing America by any means necessary...


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