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Saturday, April 23, 2022

Puerto Vallarta Receiving 400 Additional Troops to Help with Security

"Socalj" for Borderland Beat

Following the capture and possible death of plaza boss "El Chopa" an additional 400 SEDENA troops were deployed to the area of Puerto Vallarta.

Friday evening, Julián Otero Radilla, commander of the 102 Infantry Battalion, reported the arrival of 400 components from the Secretary of Nationwide Protection (Sedena) in Puerto Vallarta, after the current wave of insecurity that plagues the coastal municipality.

Julián Otero defined that the 400 soldiers have 51 vehicles and will likely be deployed within the areas with the very highest crime in Puerto Vallarta. When questioned in regards to the attainable relationship between this Navy deployment and the capturing recorded this afternoon in a unique residential space of ​​Marina Vallarta, the commander identified that they don’t have exact data on what is going on and warranted that they are going to be working so long as vital within the space.

“The order we’ve is to reach right here (Puerto Vallarta) and deploy. We do not have exact data on what is going on, nonetheless, we’re going to be right here working within the municipality for so long as vital,” stated Otero Radilla.

Likewise, it was reported that the three powers (federal, state, and municipal) will likely be working in coordination and that they may even work hand in hand with municipalities surrounding Puerto Vallarta. Aircraft which were current throughout the day may also be part of the operation of the Mexican Military in Puerto Vallarta. This afternoon there was a capturing within the Marina Vallarta.

It transpired that within the confrontation, as reported by Borderland Beat, they arrested a person who can be Saúl, alias “El Chopa”, a member of the CJNG. The mentioned capo was at Bar Distrito 5 in that coastal municipality the day previous Jalisco Governor Aristóteles Sandoval was assassinated.

Though there was no official affirmation, “El Chopa” is assumed to have died within the IMSS clinic 42 of that municipality after being injured in the fight.


  1. TAPE! If El Chopo had confrontation with cuicos, there is supposed to be a few cameras rolling...
    As there were cameras rolling when the federales and marinas kidnapped the Ayotzinapos before disappearing them and the C5 recordings from Iguala...hope Otero is not one more melitary hijueputa and pray for the best, but tell you one secret just between us, I Doubt It.

  2. The government sending the military to one of CJNG's strongholds is strange.

    1. All for show. "Hey look at us, we aint corrupt were arresting a bunch of no named mid level jefes de plaza associated with the murder of Ex Gov"
      Jefe de plaza can mean jefe of just a little pueblito/ranchito
      Theres so many jefes de plaza. Then jefe regionales that jefes de plazas answer too, then Jefes de plaza of an entire state that report to ppl like Mencho. Then u have comandantes somewhere in that structure that i assume are the armed half or the plaza. You have an administrative jefe de palza and a comandante of the plaza that does the dirty work and commands all the sicarios in the plaza and then cmdtes that command a group of comandantes then a lt. That commands an entire state sicarios

      What i find interesting is in thatnew song by Alegres De Barranco
      "El Del Palenque"
      He says
      "Brazos armados que tengo
      Los Elites (RR), y Los Guerreros (08),Los Amos Del Terror (Sapo 090) Los Delta( Delta 1/Maximo) Los Del Jardinero y Tambien Del 85 a Las ordenes del Mencho"

      I mean 85 was NEVER Cnp but what i find interesting is he allowed his name to be used in a song. The man is a fucking ghost and how they refer to Jardinero as an armed wing and not an equal or "Capo of Alto Mando" like everyone tries to say he is. Obviously dude is up there within cjng hierarchy but how high really im curious

  3. Replies
    1. His Spirit is with us his body is 6 ft under. Long live his Spirit!

  4. The reason they don't catch La Mencha is because he is terrorized from last time he was in the big house, Big Bertha nailed his ass good, he became "La Perra de la carsel"

    1. Haha rabioso mamavergas. You're a straight mitotero. Deja de mamar con tus pendejadas

    2. 1:04 otro panocho pedorro,
      are we having another epidemic?

    3. You can't replace one like you jotolon. You infect everything. Pinche gusano culon

    4. 2:19 gusano la que te comes,


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