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Friday, April 8, 2022

Michoacán: The Territory With The Most Clashes Between National Guard And Criminals

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Video translation is as follows:

Female Newscaster: In other news, the confrontations between the National Guard and criminal groups since 2019 have increased. We have the details here.

Gaspar Vela: Michoacan has become the primary scene of confrontations between the National Guard and organized crime according to a report from the Ministry of Security and Citizen Protection obtained by Milenio. 

National Guard and criminal groups had 346 clashes throughout the country. From June 2019 when restitution was created until February of this year. Of these 68 took place in Michoacán where there is a permanent dispute between the United Cartels and the Jalisco New Generation Cartel.

The municipality’s with the most clashes are: Uruapan, Zamora, Aguililla,Tepalcatepec, and Cotija.

Eduardo Guerrero: The state has been in this spiral of violence and confrontations because although the Cartel Jalisco, Pueblos Unidos, or United Cartels launched a criminal offensive. They have managed to bring together many local cells that have social roots in the territories. And have managed to successfully confront the Jalisco Cartel.

Gaspar Vela: The second entity with a majority of events of this type in that period is Guanajuato with 51. Of those 44 took place between 2019 and 2020 when the entity registered a history of fuel theft. And an intense dispute between the Santa Rosa de Lima Cartel and the Jalisco Cartel.

Eduardo Guerrero: Pueblos Unidos also entered to prevent the Jalisco Cartel from completely dominating the state. Authorities have also not managed to lower homicides, it continues to be the most violent state in the country. Guanajuato has been burning with crime for 4 or so years now without the government being able to do much.

Gaspar Vela: Sonora is in third place with 34 clashes. A state currently governed by the former Secretary of Security and Citizen Protection Alfonso Durazo.

Eduardo Guerrero: The Caborca ​​cartel that Caro Quintero recently founded and his new cartel that didn't previously exist. It seems that the panorama in Sonora has become unbalanced. And it has unleashed its fair share of wars along the western coast of Sonora.

Gaspar Vela: The rest of the entities with the most confrontations between the National Guard and criminal groups are: Tamaulipas; Guerrero, Jalisco, Nuevo León, Zacatecas, Puebla, Sinaloa, Oaxaca, Veracruz, Estado de México, Baja California, and San Luis Potosi

The clashes left a balance of 165 dead, 39 uniformed and 126 alleged criminals. In addition, 205 injured and another 205 suspected criminals arrested.



  1. Replies
    1. You must of not read the article bb on the mexican state with the highest mental health problems and drug addiction and it's not michoacan lame hater

    2. What's there to, "hate" on about Michoacan? Their annoying accent? Their ugly women? Their primitive behavior? What? I've been to that shitty state, and it's full of tweakers.

    3. What parts of michoacan have you been?
      As far as drug consumption goes, places like Sonora, Durango and sinaloa have more drug users.
      Specially Meth

    4. Sinaloa is full of tweekers and fent heads too

    5. Es lo que te digo Sol. If you're gonna censor, be fair. No nomas unos y otros no. Todos por parejo. Be impartial.

  2. Replies
    1. Mexican armed forces are just taking over EVERYTHING, when AMLO leaves it will become a military dicktatorship bent on stealing everything good left behind by AMLO...
      The murderers of Felipe angelos, villa, Madero, zapata and all the real revolutionaries and the victims of 68 tlatelolco and Ayotzinapa don't know better than treason and carrancismo...

    2. 🤞🏼 hopefully not SIR. ojala y entre otro igual a AMLO o mejor. I doubt it though, its hard to find an "honest" politician who is not willing to sell his soul and stand by his beliefs and convictions. It's going to be hard, especially because those who ransacked the country for so long have the media outlets in their pockets. The media goes a long way in brainwashing the public. Haber que pasa.

    3. 9:17 I do share your Hopes, but I am warning about the mexican melitary, the Slim Platform, the private security corporations foreign and domestic bent of getting " government contracts" through murder and mayhem blamed of the almighty mexican cartels and journalistas who do not get their chayote from AMLO but get it from US, spain, iberdrola, oderbrecht, putin, and other foreign "capitalistas", along with domestic white collar criminals and political mapaches like monrial...ALV!!!
      I warned about Donald Trump's election through a german style beer hall putsch, and he stole his election before he needed it in 2016, but he tried the putsch in 2021...Biden Administration still can't see the end of it and is still under threat of putin/Trump Axis of Evil comeback in 2022...beware!!!

  3. LoL. Sol, if you're going to censor, I hope you're fair and do it across the board.

    1. At 6:27 Sol has been fair, Why you picking on the messenger that delivers us the news in English.

  4. 6:27 ni pedo carnal, if you can't share your brainy elocutions here, you can still go to the bar and share the ass with somebody nice in real time...

    1. Lo bueno que no tomo pisto ni consejos y soy mas terco que una mula.

    2. 9:19 have you seen YouTube:
      "Republican and his mule"?
      You're welcome my friend

    3. 10:19
      Nope have not seen Republican and the Mule.
      But I have Seen "Debbie does Dallas."

    4. 3:57 debbie got paid some $ for her cuntributions, I hope you make a bunch of money too.

  5. Has anyone seen LOBO?
    I think he has been kidnapped.

    1. 12:36 it's spring, must have been tending to her new lobitos.

    2. I told LOBO to move out Jacona.
      Tijuana maybe a better choice.

    3. Edgar Alvarado is also missing in action. The guy that never takes off the Marichi hat.
      Maybe serving in Ukraine?

    4. 3:55 more probably is that sombuddy stole his cellular after drugging and date raping him con toda la manota.


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