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Saturday, April 9, 2022

Mexico City: Miguel Maya aka El Yiyo Apprehended By Authorities

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Video translation is as follows:

Elements of the Secretariat of Citizen Security arrested Miguel "M", a member of a criminal cell of La Unión Tepito, led by "El Perro". This mob operates mainly on the streets of Manuel Doblado, Peña y Peña, and República de Costa Rica. According to authorities, this gang are considered as instigators of violence. They’re dedicated to the crimes of kidnapping, extortion, drug sales, and vehicle theft.

This 38-year-old man was captured during a raid carried out in a building that was used to market narcotics in the Central Zone neighborhood. In this police siege 100 bags of marijuana were seized. In addition a collection of badges were also confiscated. 


Isidro Corro


  1. Pinche chilango comemierdas...
    6 años al bote por feo.

  2. As de estar muy guapo tu, pinche chirujo malinche!. And I can pretty much assure, you hail from the northern states of Mexico, right?

  3. 8:14 I am sorry!!!
    I didn't know his girlfriend would come to the defense of this pinche chilango comemierdas who gives a bad name to other chilangos who are decent and hardworking and no cacos or pickpockets asi que órale a vender tamales güey...

  4. I think your confusing mob with criminal group. There aint no mobs in mexico there are some cartels and a lot of criminal groups and gangs

    1. And you have a limited understanding of how synonyms work

  5. Wow Sol, synonyms. Always surprising me. Tepitos, so many layers at the retail level. Been following Ukraine for past couple of months. Put Tepitos in the east and south of Donbas and let's see their effectiveness.

    1. What many individuals fail to realize is that whenever 2 persons or more gather for whatever reason, be they good or bad intentions, that is considered a mob.

  6. Pinchis chilangos have been gandallas since the fall of the aztecs, they were the first to align with the spanish conquistadores in sticking it to México through smallpox, syphilis, gonorrhea and the classic european pestilence blessed by the bible.


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