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Thursday, April 21, 2022

'Manu Vaquita' Met With Leaders Of CJNG In Puerto Vallarta

 "Ivan" for Borderland Beat 

On Saturday he was linked to the process for the crimes indicated

Roman Ortega | EL OCCIDENTAL 

José "N", alias "Manú Vaquita", linked to criminal proceedings last weekend for the crimes of cover-up and qualified homicide to the detriment of the former governor, Aristóteles Sandoval Días, met with members of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel before the assassination of the former state governor of Jalisco.

During the "Mañanera" press conference this Wednesday, Ricardo Mejía, Undersecretary of Public Security, explained that "Manú Vaquita" met several leaders of the CJNG minutes before the crime in a pharmacy that is located near the Distrito 5 restaurant, owned by the accused.“José “N” met with a criminal leader linked to the Jalisco New Generation Cartel; later these criminals meet in a pharmacy near the place of the event; then the homicide takes place, a shootout outside the bar and immediately afterwards they give orders to alter the crime scene, which is all documented with a video that can be recovered from a ministerial inspection. They are still looking for the two material authors of the act.

José “N”, alias “Manú Vaquita”, who was arrested on April 9 in a coordinated operation by the Attorney General of Jalisco and Mexico City, in compliance with two current arrest warrants for having facilitated the murder of the former governor , Aristóteles Sandoval, which occurred on December 18, 2020, at the “Distrito 5” bar, in Puerto Vallarta.

At the time, 13 workers of the establishment were arrested and sentenced to 29 days in prison, but after paying a fine of just over 4 thousand pesos, they regained their freedom. On Saturday he was linked to the process for the crimes indicated and he was sentenced to one year of preventive detention and six more months for the complementary investigation.

During the hearing, the defendant denied the accusations made by the State Prosecutor's Office, based on statements made by local workers.

He assured that on the night of December 17 he greeted the former governor and went to another place for a work meeting, where he was when he received a call from the manager of the place informing him that there had been a shooting.



  1. The pinchi vaquita ran away from the crime scene as fast as he could to plant his alibi, pendejo metro with shaved eyebrows can't get away with shit.

  2. Who put many vaquita to work in Maxico City municipal delegation?
    It is hard to become a broomstick street sweeper there, only the best connections and kickbacks help you get a job there...
    Oooh, my bad, Omar Hamid Garcia Harfuch lost his Cholo in Jalisco and his Marro in Guanajuato, must be renovating his cartels.

    1. I'm sure you tried for the sweeper position and failed. Now you're a bitter man. One day you'll make it


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