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Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Fond du Lac, Wisconsin: El Taquero Of The CJNG, Who Used Premises To Sell Drugs, Sentenced To Prison

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He formed a network of operators in Illinois, there is a record of his multiple trips to Colombia and Mexico to make alliances with other drug traffickers.

The CJNG Taquero used his taquerias to sell cocaine.

The US justice sentenced a man identified as Luis A. Morales, known as El Taquero of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG), who used his taquerías to sell drugs, to spend 14 years in prison. In addition to the fact that he formed a network of operators in Illinois. There is also a record of his multiple trips to Colombia and Mexico, where he made alliances with other drug traffickers and who supplied him with cocaine.

Along with the owner of Mr. Taco and Savor Food & Spirits, located in Fox Valley, six of his employees who were involved in drug dealing were sentenced. El Taquero was also fined almost 300 thousand dollars and his premises were confiscated. The sentence contemplates that when he leaves prison he will be under supervision for 10 years.

Superior District Judge William C. Griesbach revealed that El Taquero gave money to a large criminal enterprise. He was arrested in December 2020, after a search in which packages of cocaine were discovered in a car. Weeks later they searched the restaurants and there they seized more drugs.

The United States Department of Justice considers the Jalisco New Generation Cartel to be one of the most dangerous and well-armed criminal organizations in the world. “Its members are willing to take on rival cartels and even Mexican government security forces. The CJNG is responsible for horrific acts of violence," US authorities said in a statement.

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  1. People are fast to point fingers if you are selling in your own restaurant he must of been super new to these or he just a dummy CJNG should know by now there is no government help in the USA

  2. Excellent 👍 catch, cjng cheerleaders, regret to inform you due t unfortunate events a member will be going to prison.

  3. The police in Seattle raided just about every Mexican watering hole that I visited ( only two or three, so I'm not saying all Mexican places popped up on law enforcement radar. I'm not generalizing about Mexican restaurants). Certain illicit substances could be had at the places I visited. I would drop in, knock back Modelos, listen to Los Bukis, chew the fat, do my business and leave. Luckily I was never there when the hura came knocking. I was very lucky, and probably a little foolish too.

    1. Orale James Brown. Long live on the teacher that robbed cjng safehouses in North Carolina.

    2. He should have known that trying to hit licks on the four-letters cartel portends a short life.

    3. Sir do you moonlight at night robbing cjng safehouses in Texas, I mean it's fine, Cjng sure is not going to call 911.

    4. @2:44pm. Mijo, the fact that i am here to post a comment should be doubtless proof that I don't moonlight as a safehouse stickup man. I would rather fight saltwater crocodiles than run afoul of the four-letters cartel. Lord James Brown ain't stupid. I am overly fond of my uncut throat, my head squarely upon my shoulders, and my chiseled torso unholed by cartel bullets.

    5. But crock fighter James Brown, you make more money robbing cjng safehouses, they don't want to attract police attention, so some safehouses can easily be robbed.

    6. 6:46 I hope you used the plunger after doing your business in those congales...
      CACOS in Mexico City leave their signature cacas on the dining table when they rob houses, some big fresh warm pile of caca to greet the homeowners when they come home.

  4. Ahi tá, quién más quiere andar ahi de caliente


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