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Friday, April 22, 2022

Esmeraldas, Ecuador: Los Tiguerones Announce A Purge Against Rivals

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A new armed criminal cell with traces of the Mexican drug trafficking organization, the Jalisco New Generation Cartel, has risen in Ecuador. This particular cell dubbed the Los Tiguerones New Generation initially surfaced towards the end of 2019. Their current leader is Álex Salazar Vilamar. 

According to the Ecuadorian National Police the Los Tiguerones are an organization, dedicated to national and international drug trafficking. Currently they are an ally of Los Choneros, a gang with ties to Mexico’s Sinaloa drug cartel, and Los Lobos, who are linked with Mexico’s Jalisco New Generation Cartel.

Video translation is as follows:

Sicario #1: Good evening, Ecuadorian citizens. We, the Los Tiguerones New Generation, address you with a cordial greeting. We’re here to clarify various types of actions used against our organization. Especially in the province of Esmeraldas. In which a number of violent activities have been developing. 

Which are actions that have had repercussions against our organization. Such as robbery, intimidation, kidnapping, extortion, and the countless deaths of innocent civilians. We flatly reject all the outrage and abuse of the Esmeraldas citizens caused by these supposed gangs. That are controlled by individuals who call themselves Gangster, Águila, Patones, followed by intrusions from mediocre persons. 

We want to make it clear that we are men of principles and values. We are against the death of innocent men who have fallen. Chief among them women and children in this war.

Sicario #2: For you gentlemen, El Águilas, Patones, you don't know what this war is about. This is an armed conflict that many of you are not aware of. Don't mess around, or die innocently here. Throughout all of this we thank the Esmeraldas citizens and the Ecuadorian nationals. 

Sicario #3: Tiguerones, are you present and ready to engage?

Sicarios in unison say: Yes, we’re present and ready!

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  1. Wow CJNG is taking over Ecuador.

  2. Ecuador underworld is no joke! The prisons are full of action

  3. Lmao Esmeraldas is a border state to colombia with a heavy presence of colombian guerrillas. These Guys have No Chance

  4. I want to see how some jaliscas get torned up in south america. They will have to fight real guerrillas not wanna be sicarios that in reality are nothing more than gangbangers with assault rifles.

  5. I think one of them found glow in the dark duct tape in their junk drawer prior to this photo shoot. "hey guys, put this on your pants, it looks really cool"

    1. They need work on their speeches. You can't come out with a clipboard reading, and while reading your statement at different speeds, you're stuttering and having difficulty reading and pronouncing what's written down, and saying what you're saying in different volumes and tones and no one knowing what to do or say when the speach reader is done. No one is going to take you serious with such a clumsy display. Luckily one of your guys stepped up and hesitantly came up with something to say or you guys would have looked worse. He deserves a bonus. And fire your director. Wish you guys luck and a peaceful war. Don't fight, unite. You're in the same business. There's strength in unity.

  6. Jaliskas would go quick for the Patones
    No wonder there...
    I trust the opinion of former ecuadoran presidente Rafael Correa, what is his take? Did anybody bother asking?

    1. He said to stop spewing mamadas por el culo

    2. 2:48 good you heard it,
      now: try not to spew mamadas por el culo

  7. Colombia has been DEA Disney they run the show they are very mad right now and removing their informants you know the game do 3 -4 more jobs give some names turn your self in. Next.well Mexican president said Salinas Cabinet es gone so it’s your DEA group from Mexico this guy challenge the front house


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