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Friday, April 22, 2022

El Mencho And His Alliance With Caro Quintero That Alfredo Olivas Sings About

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

The alleged pact between Nemesio Oseguera 'El Mencho' and Rafael Caro Quintero was addressed in a narco ballad by the controversial singer Alfredo Olivas

In the lyrics of this new song from Sinaloa, the meeting between two of the drug traffickers most wanted by the United States government was explained.

The song is titled 'Wheel of Fortune' and is very popular, one of the paragraphs mentions the following:

Not even Rafa Caro Quintero wanted to return with El MZ (Mayo Zambada), because in Sinaloa there’s a lot of cheap fucks, a lot of snitching. At a table for years he leaned with the CJNG. But they hadn’t consolidated, today they work hand in hand. Mencho and Caro are together even if people don't believe it”.

In addition, he refers to how the founding narco of the Guadalajara Cartel sought help from other cartel bosses to return to the criminal industry.

Here’s a bit of info for those who know a thing or two. I leave a remembrance because I don’t forget. More than one individual showed their badges here. So, it’s best that everyone walk through the shadows cause I’m back. I'm going onto the wheel of fortune today. I'm going to collect for every disrespect committed, I'll be a little worse than before. I'm going to put a heavy hand down."

The press described the alliance of El Mencho

Two years ago it was mentioned that Rafael Caro Quintero sought to return to the drug business through different alliances with drug trafficking groups with more structure, both the DEA and the Mexican government already identified him as the head of the new Caborca ​​cartel in Sonora. 

It was leaked that the fight to control drug trafficking in Sonora and the golden triangle is led by various criminal organizations such as 'Los Chapitos', the Jalisco New Generation Cartel, a faction of Ismael 'El Mayo' Zambada' and Caro Quintero.

For the collaborator and columnist of 'El Universal', Héctor de Mauleón, about the meeting, he explained that the murderer of Enrique 'Kiki' Camarena agreed with Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes himself, 'El Mencho', his goal is to defeat the heirs of Joaquín Guzman Loera.

The most important thing is that Caro Quintero also joined alliances with "La Línea", the armed wing of the Juárez Cartel and with "La Barredora", another criminal cell from Sonora.

In the dispute over territory, the cell of 'Los Salazar', related to the Sinaloa Cartel, but closer to 'Los Chapitos', seems to be at a disadvantage.

At the moment, the CJNG also maintains open fronts due to the dispute over other seats in entities such as Zacatecas, San Luis Potosí and Nayarit. As well as the struggles that it maintains in Guanajuato, Michoacán, Guerrero and Veracruz; where bloodbaths in the streets are a daily theme.

Unión Jalisco


  1. What I find interesting is why would a drug lord recently released from prison go back into the drug trade? Guessing money is of factor for someone of his status would put himself in the cross hair of law enforcement.
    Goes to show it does pay to get involved.

    1. He already was in the cross hairs. The U.S. still wanted him and supposedly Mexico is saying they messed up on releasing him because he stills owes time. I would think he really didn't have much choice. Working a regular job would have gotten him caught. Besides, in mexican prisons, they're not trying to teach you job skills or rehabilitate you in prison. I doubt he has any job skills, he was a narco for most of his free life. So even without him being wanted, adding all the other things up, more than likely he was going to return to the only thing he was successful in, that's his comfort zone

    2. 4:32 power RCQ is a power freak

  2. Cheap fucks and snitching go hand in hand with the drug world you snitch one way or the other these cartel do it all the time in their propaganda video 📷 and lets not say these drug barons ain't cheap fucks with everything they do 🤦

  3. bam right on the kisser!bootys are goings to be chapped agarensen k ay les va llover un puño de insultos alos michis y tapatios de parte los "cheap fucks and snitches y sus lava carros lol

  4. Sonora, especially, the border plazas are run by chapitos, mayo, a few BLO left around, but if Mencho makes a run on Sonora its going to be a bloodbath. A lot of tourist áreas affected too. Hard to believe RCQ with Mencho.

    1. Well he's already there, Sonora is big enough for them

    2. Yeah and about a year or two ago they found a helmet after a shootout that said COYOTE NUEVA GENERACION i wonder what that is?.
      Also anyone rmeeber taht video of alleged cjng members smuggling guns across the sea beatween sonora and Baja Ca. To "Help with the war in sonora"
      Its no secret cjng is in sonora but its with permission/Alliance not by force.
      Chiquis used to say that Mencho and RCQ were good friends because Mencho respected RCQ and had personally protectd RCQ family while in Jalisco and he and his family businesses while incarcerated

    3. This isnt the correct song
      The song is

      "hola mi amigaso mi hermano rafael
      que gusto me da verte hoy
      las cosas no son como tu antes tu las mirabas
      hay nueva gente, NUEVA GENERACION
      la plebada de estos dias no tiene respeto
      si la debes no hay piedad no hay perdon
      solo para ver como vuelas por los aires
      te balean cuidate y ve con Dios"

      No other organization uses the words Nueva Generacion besides cjng and affiliated cells (CTNG, CNLNG, CSLPNG, CMNG Etc.)
      Its rumored upon his release he met with chapo n MZ n CDS n refused to join and taht he also Held meeting eith Mencho and CJNG and im guessing that song is referring to that meeting IMO..

      Danny Quintero, a close Mencho associate and a pioneer imwithin cjng having been a top ranking member since cjng name started ringing bells was always said to have been RCQ nephew and i believe it.

    4. Sosa, check out "El Señor Dela Perla" by Los Incomparables. Saludos desde Los Angeles, El Nemesis-

  5. We all knew Caro rejected the escapes and the show because he didn’t want he’s legacy to be remember as snitches bro Quintero has values.he’s been getting he’s money regardless.As share holder.But he’s values and morals are different,people got greedy and involved a team call Elites DEA operating in Mexican ground.he’s compadres taking too much land and the Pueblo of Mexico the Mexican sons loosing their life’s in hands of greedy people like when the Spains slaughter our people and gave us mirrors for Gold. Who are they really fighting for DEA interés Cover up as the CDS

  6. It is? Even with chapitos attacking his people and running up in Caborca, damn, it was kind of obvious to me he would if he already hadn't. Hopefully the Caborca cartel doesn't turn into something like Mencho's people. Always coming out on videos giving up their rivals colaborators, trying to do crazy ass things on video to rivals they've captured, extorting everybody, killing innocent people and kids, etc. Hopefully he stays true to his old school ways.

  7. Well there's a reason why Mexicans started calling sinaloas SNITCHALOAS..
    Chapo trial was full of sinaloa snitches..
    Most snitching in a drug dealing trial case EVER recorded in New York history.
    Because of all the singing the CDS did now the world thinks all Mexicans are 🐀..
    So tough on their corridos music but in real life they were snitches and pointing the finger on chapo..

    El vicentillo (mayo's son) and el Rey zambada (mayos brother) snitching on him calling him compadre..
    Bunch of coward A$$ so called brave men..

    P.S don't get mad at me, I'm just the messenger 🤷

    1. 9:30 Messenger, you are dead...
      I hope you slip amd fall soon.

    2. 2:22 shut your b!tch A$$ up!
      It's facts pendejo!

    3. 9:30 let them be Snitches. I am sure if you were locked up in jail, you would be singing like a canary, let them be Snitches por favor.

    4. 7:06 I hope the Chapitos find you soon and teach you a lesson.

    5. 7:19 fuck you and those little brats!
      BitCH A$$ Lame groupie!!! 😆

    6. 12:14 don't hate us just because we are young and pretty, it is no reason for jealousy and hate, you'll go straight to hell miss negativity... repent!

  8. Why is the author making the assertion that RCQ killed Macarena, didn't he hear the corrido El Numero Uno by Los Incomparables de Tijuana?

    1. 11:00 Yo No Mate a Camarena?sorry, That BS does not fly.
      Even Don Neto slapped RCQ on the snout for the murder after torturing Kiki for 3 days, but the intellectual murderers fr ok m the US, CIA-NSA "rogue agents" who ordered the whole job have never been tried or brought to court or presidential pardoned, that is USMC lt. Col. Oliver north and CIA Felix ismael rodriguez mendigutia, also guilty of the murders of Manuel Buendia and about 30 federal police in Sanchez Taboada Veracruz in the training camp for contras nicaragüenses, drugs and weapons trafficking and money laundering for the CIA in the ranch owned by miguel angel felix Gallardo and caro quintero formerly known as Camino Real when it was owned by the Ebrard brothers, (drug trafficking assassins with a long criminal story themselves)

    2. Whatever dude, macarena shouldn't even be in Mx to start with, who cares if he was a marine, all they do is protect corporate/oil industry interests.

      was a real man doing his job honestly and efficiently, he got more than 200 million dollars confiscated from the drug traffickers, his mistake was not knowing it was CIA MONEY from CIA drug trafficking with Guadalajara cartel...
      If there is one DEA agent we all should respect, that is Kiki Camarena.

    4. 2:36 All you do is recycle readible stories and interviews. You just say it in a more stupid way

    5. Camarena was a fucking idiot with 0 idea of the hornest nest he was messing with.

  9. RCQ has been since before he released from prison. Mencho was the one who worked his release! Chapitos are also aligned with Mencho.

    1. Chapitos aint aligned with Mencho .
      Mencho just killed some of their main operators in Chiapas including Tio Gils Son who was Jefe De Plaza in the state of Chiapas. In Teocaltiche Jalisco those CDS are Alleged CDS/Chapos ppl/Aligned. Same in TJ but TJ is a fucking Mess.

    2. Chapitos and Mayos people are split, but overlap. Chapitos are in truce with Mencho and set boundaries. The gray area Chapitos/Mayo share people still is where it gets tricky.

    3. 8:20 whatever you say... Your in straight denial your favorite cartel is split. sorry for your lose

    4. Teocaltiche is more Mayo aligned if I'm not mistaken.

  10. Caro was a piece of shit so naturally he wld seek an alliance with another piece of shit like mencha.


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