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Friday, April 1, 2022

Detroit Police Take New Look At Ex-Detective Suspected Of Derailing Murder Cases Because Of Drug Cartel

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Moises Jimenez

Detroit Police are reopening their investigation into a former homicide detective who retired last year following reports he may have stymied two murder investigations. Now it appears Moises Jimenez may have done so out of fear that a drug cartel would harm his family members in Mexico.

Previously, the state Attorney General's Office declined to press charges against Jimenez, who retired last year with the designation of "retired under investigation/pending discipline," The Detroit News reports. Now, authorities will again determine if criminal charges are warranted. 

In a paywalled story, The News says Jimenez is suspected of withholding evidence in two cases connected to convicted drug dealer Jose Sandoval, due to Sandoval's connections to Mexican trafficking organizations. 

An assistant Wayne County prosecutor wrote in a Feb. 14, 2019, memo that Jimenez told county investigators he had withheld evidence linking convicted drug dealer Jose Sandoval to the September 2012 killings of Ileana Cuevas, 15, and Tommy Edwards, 28. They were gunned down four days apart in southwest Detroit.

"Jimenez has now admitted to deliberately failing to investigate Jose Sandoval because Sandoval is tied to a powerful Mexican drug cartel," Carole Stanyar of the prosecutor's Conviction Integrity Unit wrote in the 20-page memo to Prosecutor Kym Worthy.

"Jimenez has family in Mexico, and Jimenez feared his family would be killed," wrote Stanyar, an Ann Arbor attorney who was a consultant for the Conviction Integrity Unit. She added that Jimenez didn't disclose to prosecutors that federal agents had told him they had put a tracker on Sandoval's car during their drug investigation that showed the vehicle was at one of the crime scenes shortly before and after the shooting.

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  1. He was regularly featured on the homicide show The First 48. He preferred to work alone. He said he didn't want a partner "slowing him down." One could easily surmise that he didn't want anyone looking over his shoulder, either.

    1. Omg, your right! Thank you for putting 2 and 2 together

  2. Every corrupt official involved with a drug cartel is Mexican! Soon America will be a total sheethole like Mexico! Mexicans flock everything up...always!

    1. Come scratch my balls I have an Itch.

    2. 3:51 mexicans have not been defrauding the american people off trillions of dollars worth of Public Security BS and wars of liberation all over the world

    3. At least learn how to spell don't know anything about Mexicans stupid.

  3. How did the scumback know that the cop had family in Mexico it's a big country ? There are millions of people with same last name who are not related or was that an excuse not to after him.?

    1. It never fails that many people tend to brag or gossip about their positions in life and which state they proudly represent. Because of this news filters back to Mexico through word of mouth from whoever is entering or leaving the country. This has just always been the case even before the internet or cell phones became so readily available in everyone's hands.


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