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Monday, April 4, 2022

Armed Aggressors Severely Punish A Defenseless Man

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

An effective interrogation tool for the extraction of intel within the Mexican underworld is the use of extreme torture. This profane mechanism of suffering immediately comes into play against captives once they’ve been abducted and restrained. It’s sole purpose primarily is to bend prisoners into submission. While forcing them to divulge all the intimate details from their domain of influence. 

Every man’s tolerance for pain and breaking point differs from each other. A good portion of individuals tend to cave in right away under stress. While a select few have been known to persevere under the harshest of circumstances. Unfortunately, for the latter their unrelenting refusal to comply at once just leads to a prolonged session with his tormentors. 

Although torture is widely known to be outright banned throughout most of the world because it violates an individuals human rights. It’s vulgar practices continue to exist among criminal elements who use it in order to draw out forced confessions. The current laws in place against inflicting pain and suffering on others. Have yet to completely deter goons from utilizing sadistic methods of torment with their adversaries. 

Warning: Graphic Video



  1. Chilean generals Pinochet and Sergio Arellano Stark through his Caravana de la Muerte used torture prior to the death of their victims, needlessly, all they had to do was getting accused of being "left".
    Same in Argentina, uruguay, Paraguay, bolivia, el Salvador Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua, colombia, the sadist included La mujer de los perros en chile, she used her dogs to rape her victims.
    The CIA contractors in iraq did some of the same, and took photos and videos, destroyed by CIA bigwigs to save their "benefit of the doubt"
    but the CIA brought its Rat Line nazis to SouthAmerica to fight communism, and their protege Klaus Barbie trained the police and military in all those countries in torture to save them from communism, their teachings came to México via france and their Ecole de Paris that started the School of the Américas' franchised, but if the comnunist caused the deaths of about 60 million russians from hunger after WWII, I doubt they killed them for not being communist enough or by torture, nowadays the torture is to push drugs in México for the last 15 years very openly, this is the result of the War on Drugs created to take back the drug trade they had to abandon when they got red handed trafficking drugs after they murdered Kiki Camarena, and to steal money from the US money trough.
    Some day the governments will push for "forgive and forget" as a way to reconciliation, and mostly to impunity...

    1. Today I get to go out to the movies, with my darling Wendy.
      We want to see Quite place 2, it's a scary movie.

  2. My nalgas are for Sir. My name is Steve.

  3. When I was in Mexico in 2017 ,

    Mencho's Nephews told me he

    Was a homosexual and they

    Didn't even know how

    To shoot a pistol.


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