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Sunday, April 3, 2022

7.5 Tons of Cocaine & Marijuana Seized in Last Two Months by US Coast Guard Near San Diego, California

"Socalj" for Borderland Beat

The Coast Guard Cutter Kimball crew offloads about 11,300 pounds of cocaine and roughly 4,000 pounds of marijuana worth more than $223 million on March 31, 2022, in San Diego.

The U.S. Coast Guard has seized more than $223 million worth of cocaine and marijuana in international waters in the last two months, which were then offloaded in San Diego. The drug seizures were a team effort between three Coast Guard crews: Coast Guard Cutter Kimball, Coast Guard Cutter Legare, Coast Guard Cutter Spencer, and one Canadian ship, Her Majesty Canadian Ship Yellowknife.

“These drugs were seized in international waters off the Eastern Pacific Ocean, and represent eight interdictions of suspected drug smuggling vessels between February and March of 2022,” said U.S Coast Guards Public Affairs Officer.

“To all who are involved, in the dangerous and illegal drug trafficking business, you cannot hide your crimes on the high seas,” said Randy Grossman, U.S District Attorney for the Southern California Region.
“Whether you are a kingpin or a crew member, you are on our radar, and it is just a matter of time before you are caught and brought to justice.”

According to Grossman, the seizures are important to prosecute those involved in smuggling illegal drugs into the U.S. Grossman attributed a recent drug seizure by a Coast Guard crew which was able to help them indict a Guatemalan kingpin, as reported by Borderland Beat.

“Illicit drugs cost our country nearly $100 billion every year in crime, health, safety, and lost productivity,” Pacific Area Commander Michael McAllister said. Thursday’s seizure was the first drug offload for San Diego this year, according to Coast Guard Affairs. The offload was medium size compared to other years. The drugs were handed off to the DEA to be processed and destroyed.

Sources FOX 5, Patch


  1. Excellent đź‘Ť catch, our tax dollars at work. No crybabies por favor.

  2. Y como cuantos traficantes cogieron?
    9:32 I'm glad you are happy with the lines of poop they feed you...

  3. That's great about the drug bust on the high seas but how many were arrested?

    1. Unkown your jumping the gun again.
      Read the title
      It's about how much they siezed in 2 months. Stay tuned for the next article that will say how many arrested.

  4. My tax dollars at work
    How ridiculous 🙄

    I agree with SIR

  5. Uh, focus on meth and fentanyl. Meanwhile, legalize oxy, coke and ibogaine while you're at it. Dumbass government

    1. Hey everybody, we have now Ibogaine on the menu...
      What's the pros and the cons?
      Price, availability, addictive,
      I am tired of sniffing gasoline. prescription needed? OD?

  6. 5:42 they were legal but prescriptions dried up after the pinches clients became too eager consumers of the shit and doctors had to account for their prescriptions, that and paying too much taxes and too much info was too much liability for Big Pharma, they are still fighting in court about how much the lives of their dead victims are worth...
    That IS the reason opioids are back in the black market, anonymity and freedom from Taxes


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