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Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Zitácuaro, Michoacán: The Journalist Armando Linares, Who Worked With Roberto Toledo Is Murdered

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

In January it was Armando Linares who confirmed the murder of Roberto Toledo

The director of Monitor Michoacán, Armando Linares, was shot dead this Tuesday in Zitácuaro, confirmed the State Attorney General's Office.

In a statement, the unit reported that the homicide occurred in a private home and that it initiated the protocols to clarify the crime.

Linares was the one who on January 31, 2022, confirmed through a video on the social networks of Monitor Michoacán the murder of his collaborator Roberto Toledo.

In the same broadcast, Linares announced that for months the media outlet and journalists have been receiving threats, "we are not armed, we do not have weapons, our only defense is a pen, a pencil, a notebook," he said.

"Approximately a year and three months ago we began to suffer death threats, given the publications we made, in these threats they were very clear, that we should lower the volume," he spoke at the time in an interview for Formula News Michoacán, with Mario Hernández .

8 so far in 2022

This is the eighth journalist killed so far in 2022; the last was Juan Carlos Muñiz, a worker at the Mining Witness news portal in Fresnillo, Zacatecas.

José Luis Gamboa was stripped of his life in Veracruz at the beginning of January, a few days later the independent photographer Margarito Martínez and the journalist Lourdes Maldonado were shot in Tijuana, in separate events.

On January 31, Roberto Toledo, a contributor to the news portal Monitor Michoacán, died after being shot several times in the city of Zitácuaro.

Just this past February, Heber López, director of the Web News portal in Salina Cruz, Oaxaca, was assassinated, while in Sonora Jorge Camero of “El Informativo” was assassinated.



  1. Dang! Already 8 juournalist murdered this year!
    Last year Mexico was at number one place for murdered journalists with NINE killed..
    Looks like Mexico is going for the record..

    Hugs for thugs,
    abrazos no balazos
    MEXICO is safe from violent crimes and cartels-

  2. Oh no another journalist murdered, Mexico just amazed me that it will be again, the with the most Homicides in the world, Almo nuthugger Mongol lawyer, you can take that to the bank.

  3. You can read his articles at Monitor Michoacan website and this man names judges, police officials and exactly what their crimes were in their/his small town. This is a small paper/site.
    Some will say he exposed himself too much and was too specific, but I respect his courage, standing in the face of The Process AND the corrupt policia Corporation

    1. Ms H
      RIP for writing the Truth.
      I was going to mention they had a March of women last week, and Obradors Speech writer wrote...
      "Obrador gets up at 5 am to prevent violence against women".
      How in hell does he prevent violence??? When he does not step out of his palace, talk about fake news, trying to up his approval ratings my azz.

    2. 645, 250 military barracks with 250 to go by the end of his term. More extraditions to the u.s than the last 3 administrations combined and lastly education. Educating the youth to not commit violence against women. One of AMLO's many social programs includes educating the pOor and disenfranchised and that is key to giving mexico a brighter future. But the mainstream media doesn't talk about that Ms. H.

    3. 658
      Your full of crap and payaso.

    4. 658? I wasn't commenting on AMLO nor do I bash him, I was just making note of this particular journalist and how he called out specific judges and police names from his town and exactly what was corruption was carried out.
      That being said, he refused gov't protection as he knew it was useless. The last 4 journalists killed all signed for protection months before their death. There is ZERO protection only immunity for the criminal is a guarentee

    5. 7:24 be on alert the Almo nuthugger lawyer will deny anything about ALMO.
      Miss H
      Sometimes Mexician government is predicable.... with the rash of journalist killed again, the enpt government will say they offer bodyguards, but rarely do they keep the promise.

    6. AMLO groupie is a dumb A$$


      Ms.H, hope this link clears up some questions or doubts. Something to keep in mind is that the president is dealing with decades of corruption. That culture is rooted in the government and to try and weed it out will not be an easy task. As far as these guys who call me AMLO groupie, nuthugger and Lawyer, I'd be careful with what they comment. It's always opinions with no facts to back them up. When they're faced with information that contradicts their statements they resort to insults and name calling. Bottom line is, they spread misinformation and their opinions are not reliable. Do your own research. I suggest 3 YouTube channels to follow if you want some "unbiased" news. Grillonautas2, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, Oax TV. Lots of information. The first Channel covers crime and politics, the second channel I use to compare what the media decides to snip cut and edit. The presidents videos are raw and uncut so if you ever come accross a segment or article what seems like it's biased reporting, you can always cross reference the press conference from the actual government source. The last channel focuses on all of the social and infrastructure projects that are being taken on by the current administration. MYHUMBLEOPINION tuned me in. I've been using it to keep tabs on AMLO's promises and see if he has following through. So far so good. Hope this helps out with your spanish.

  4. There are many Mexicans that want change and a better future for their kids. There have been many killed for standing up to cartels in michoacan and all over 🇲🇽.
    The problem is 🇲🇽 government and cartels work together and WILL KILL ANYBODY THAT STANDS IN THEIR way of making money💰..
    You just can't win, you call the cops and Instead of helping you they will kill you for snitching because cops work with cartels.
    I'm from guanajuato and I have family that got beat up and had to pay a ransom because they were out late.
    Nobody is safe, the Ranchos were safe but now there's to many crime and Nobody does or say nothing because it's organized crime and people are scared.

    Mexico was cool 20 or even 15 years ago but now as of lately Its dangerous and people still go on their own risk of getting kidnapped or killed for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    I'm Mexican but I can honestly say Mexico has gone to 💩..


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