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Thursday, March 17, 2022

Zacatecas, Zacatecas: An Armed Criminal Cell Kills 6 Individuals

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Apparently this matter is a multi-homicide

Gunfire was reported, but to confirm, the SSP is waiting for a search warrant. 

Minutes before 4:00 p.m. on Wednesday, an armed attack was reported on Rubén Darío street, in the fourth section of the González Ortega neighborhood, in the capital.

Police elements speak of at least six people dead inside a home, located behind the Carta Blanca brewery. 

A strong police force was mobilized

News surfaced from the neighbors that an armed criminal cell entered the home by force and murdered the people who were inside.

Regarding the aggression, the Ministry of Public Security (SSP) reported that gunfire was reported this Wednesday afternoon through the 911 Emergency System.

The street was cordoned off while authorities entered the home

In addition, the SSP explained that since this was an attack inside a home, it is necessary to request a court order to enter. In addition it will be the State Attorney General's Office (FGJEZ) who will confirm what happened at the scene.

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  1. I am AMLO lawyer, no one died, Mexico is safe to travel, yes ALMO has best ratings in the whole, world.
    No there no curuption whatsoever.
    This was just a tea party, no deaths.

    1. 12:39 but you love his chorizo.

    2. "No me gusta el chorizo,
      no soy Salinas..."
      AMLO, en una mañanera.
      This crime will be investigated next week, mañana es sabado.
      General Jesús Gonzalez Ortega would not be proud of Zacatecas government, he never waited for court orders to wipe his ass.

  2. That’s why Mexico is backwards. Why do you need a court order to go inside the seen of a crime.

    1. There was a report that armed men ran up in there with weapons and heard shots once inside. They (police) should be able to knock and if no one answers go inside with out a search warrant and see if any occupants are safe. I understand the privacy issue, the corrupt law enforcement making sh@# up and going into homes to steal what they can, but come on, a search warrant on a 911 call?!!! They should be able to go in and look around without touching anything to determine that everything is fine or if there was a crime committed related to the 911 call.

    2. 10:39 all of México is corrupt?
      Imagine your pinches nalgas are never wrong and always hot for a big one, pendejo.

    3. 12:33remember a lot of SUPER LIBERAL LAWS (?)came to be in MX. Like this, and the time limit criminals can spend in jail. I'm not sure when it changed but the criminals received a fair amount of rights in law changes. This warrant issue, and other attempts to get them for legitimate reasons, mind boggling.
      I love it when the police are being fired on from a house but can't go in without a!

    4. 2:26 ...imposed by the US when they started their War On Drugs in Mexico in spite of warnings about the results, even Pope Francisco said he hoped shit war would not Colombianize México...

  3. If you are suicidal and wants to die quick, go to Mexico and say out loud in public that you don’t like any politicians or cartel groups. Guarantee death comes to you next day.

    1. Mr
      12" hotdog

      To get killed in Mexico, all you have to do is tell....

      Allah Akbar!

      Allah Akbar!

      Allah Akbar!

      Then you get killed.

    2. 854 you don't make sense and you're not funny. Go back to night school pendejo.

    3. At 955
      Go back to kindergarten lol.

    4. 9:28 stop preying on little kids


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