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Sunday, March 27, 2022

San Luis Potosí, SLP: Violence And Insecurity Continues In The Capital

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

A security camera recorded how armed men kidnapped a woman while she was talking to a man outside his house in the Los Álamos neighborhood. Violence and insecurity continues in the capital of San Luis Potosí. 

It is rumored that this is a new way for thieves to enter a home in order to steal, the girl is an accomplice. The objective is for the victim to open the door to want to help and the thieves enter. There is a longer video where the woman arrives very casually and tells the old man to disconnect something and stays talking.

The woman was reported as missng. 

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  1. Another treviño has most likely stepped up to replace el huevo. A person within the family that allegedly was already challenging huevos leadership before he was arrested. Look it up.

  2. I doubt she had anything to do and its actually a victim

    1. Yes, it's possible. Go up to a pretty girl and say 'do this for us or else we kill your kid' or she does it once and is forcibly kept in a group of other kidnapped/enslaved women, or she is an evil person along with the theft crew, but due to her reported as missing, it is harrowing to imagine what these women must endure only to be beaten to death for attempting to escape. Usually the other women are forced to watch the torture and killing of the victim to install a fear...if you rebel this is what happens.
      I'm sure the same thing happens to forced cartel recruits. Kidnapped migrants going north, or men lured by being told a place is hiring to pick fruit out of town.
      F me, the world is too much with me today. Time to turn it off.

    2. Ms H
      I will take 2 Apple pies.
      You accept expired Carl's Jr. Coupons?

    3. 5:17 apologies, I will only accept Long John Silver expired coupons and other high end establishments. No Carl Jr.

    4. 8:17 The Long Dong Silver might be dead, but his movies may still be around on VHS

    5. 8:47 lol��������

  3. Necesita que le agarren el cellular para ver con quien está, pero la orden tiene que venir de la Corte y se va a llevar más de un año...
    we all know it is easier to kill a woman than to steal her cell phone.

  4. I can't wait to see what
    Nonsense Pistachio Nuts Truther aka
    Cornelis Thruther Graham will post.

  5. What a cesspool no wonder everyone is running to Texas? Go to Arizona we don't want you here Not even Ukrainians or California refugees.If you do go to West Texas alot of room there .

    1. You to be such a racist, as a matter of fact, 100,000 refugees from Ukraine are coming to America land of the free.

    2. 2:12 just on time, americans still refuse to go back to work and southamerican caravans can't get in


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