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Thursday, March 31, 2022

Salvador Acosta, Former Mayor Of Villagrán, Guanajuato Is Assassinated

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Salvador Acosta Guerrero, former mayor of Villagrán , in Guanajuato, was assassinated meters from the Municipal Presidency.

According to a report by the local newspaper Correo , the murder occurred around 3:25 in the morning, in the La Venta neighborhood, in a bus yard owned by the ex mayor, who was shot by a firearm.

The Guanajuato Prosecutor's Office only limited itself to responding that there is an investigation underway, while the Villagrán City Council published an obituary lamenting the death of Acosta Guerrero.

According to Correo , Acosta Guerrero, who governed Villagrán between 2000 and 2003, worked as a tourist transportation businessman. However, years later he received a five-year prison sentence for embezzlement.

With this, there are at least eight murders of former mayors in Guanajuato, according to analyst David Saucedo.

Rogelio Sánchez Galán, former mayor of Jerécuaro for the Green Party, was assassinated in June 2015; José Durán González, from Pueblo Nuevo for the PAN, was murdered in September 2017; Israel Morales Bermúdez, who governed Coroneo between 2015 and 2018, was assassinated in February 2019.

In addition, Hugo Estefanía Monroy, former municipal president of Cortazar for the PRD, was also assassinated in November 2019; Juan Antonio Acosta Cano, from Juventino Rosas for the PAN in January 2021; David Sánchez Malagon, former mayor of Apaseo el Alto for the PRI, was killed in June 2021.

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  1. Nothing to see here folks, just regular days in Mexico where people getting chop up and politicians getting whack. Move along people!!!

    1. But, but 12" hotdog, I want to see fresh chopped up bodies, maybe some of the body parts can be used again.

    2. 1:42 you are one sick puppy, but I like your idea.

    3. Mr. Hot dog some of us are losing the sensitivity in the brain, to watching gory pics or videos. That once you see a few you want to see more, imagine the jobs of Police, Firemen, Coroner they become adapted to seeing dead bodies. Perhaps 1:42 has seen come too many.

    4. 6:36 well, in Veracruz of gober-ladron Javier Duarte De Ochoa, his Secretary of public security of the state, Arturo Bermudez, they used the state's police academy to chop off select meats of people they kidnapped to feed their tigers and crocodiles...
      and Bermudez is fighting the charges while on House arrest, they once dropped on the road about 40 chopped up "zetas" who were innocent no zetas to please their new masters CJNG with that proof of their love...
      They must have learned from the argentinian navy that used their school to do the same, or the Chilean melitary of Pinochet, both influenced by the School of the Americas's disciples; it is s hard job but somebody has to so it, many times the police.


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