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Tuesday, March 1, 2022

One Year After The Massacre Of 10 Bricklayers And A Minor In Tonalá, Still No Justice

 "Ivan" for Borderland Beat 

Prosecutor Luis Joaquín Méndez indicated that more information may be available until the proceedings progress.

This Sunday, one year has passed since the massacre of 10 bricklayers and a minor in the town of La Jauja, however, despite the time that has elapsed, there is only one detainee and two arrest warrants to be fulfilled.

On February 27, 2021, 10 masons who were waiting for their "raya" and a minor who sang to them, were murdered on a sidewalk at the intersection of Emiliano Zapata and Russias Negras, in the La Jauja neighborhood, in Tonalá, in addition to another minor and a woman were left injured.After the massacre, Rosendo "N" was arrested in March 2021, and was linked to the process in two investigation folders. One of them for the attack with bullets against elements of the Secretary of State Security and for his alleged participation in the murder of an entire family, in Tonalá.

Regarding the progress of the investigations, the prosecutor Luis Joaquín Méndez Ruiz indicated that "we already have the arrest warrant against this subject and another person who, due to investigation issues, would have to reserve the data for me. We continue investigating because we are interested in giving with the whereabouts of those who we believe also participated," said the head of the State Prosecutor's Office.

At the next hearing scheduled for mid-March, he could be charged with that crime.

Likewise, regarding the reasons for the multi-homicide, Méndez Ruiz pointed out that more information may be available until the proceedings progress.

"Inevitably it is a situation related to an organized crime issue. The person we currently have linked was the leader of a criminal group and that was his way of acting."

The possible motive could be revealed once Rosendo "N" is charged.


  1. Wasn't one of the persons responsible the main dude from Nueva Plaza that Mencho had executed?

    1. Is anybody stupid enough to fly the Neuva Plaza flag anymore? That crew got smashed

    2. 157 exactly what I'm trying to convey. Cholo is dead, that crew got smashed. 1 year later they're still looking for those responsible. Youre wasting your time. More than likely they've been wiped out.

    3. I'd take Choli's info with a grain of salt. You could see him keep looking down, as if reading something, throught the recording. It might be true, it might not. We'll see.

  2. What does "waiting for their raya" mean?

  3. Don Sol we all very happy you left narco life.

    If el Senor Mencho died will you take over CJNG?

    1. I don’t think I’d want that type of stress bro. I get enough of that with the rotation of women that I’m constantly updating out of my life.

    2. Dr. Sol
      We understand you need money to live a happy life, how would you like suitcases arriving weekly, you just go with the program.
      We the people are nominating you to be the next President of Mexico. Harrrry congratulations!

    3. Juan Rambito for Mex president.

    4. Miss H can be vice president.

    5. I nominate Humble opinion to be Secretary of Security, you would be replacing Durszno, Requirements only 2 small speeches per year, show you care about Mexico, but only to fool the public.

    6. Say does Obrador have a vice president? If he does we never hear About him.

      Yes Juan Rambo for president of Mexico, at least he will do a better job than the enpt president.

    7. Sol if you become president de MEXICO, Can you buy me a multimillion dollar home in Beverly Hills, CA and a $80,000
      Thanks I am voting for you.


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