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Monday, March 28, 2022

Narco Exhibits Himself Posing As If He Were A Model On Instagram

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

The police relate him to the increase in executions of merchants who have refused to pay extortion to the drug cartels that terrorize the country.

El Chango, the narco who thinks he is a model, poses like this on his Instagram account.

A drug trafficker, who leads a violent cell, exhibits himself posing as if he were a model on his Instagram account. A series of photographs circulating on social networks revealed this criminal, who shows off his weapons and is being targeted by the Mexican capital's Prosecutor 's Office for the increase in executions of merchants who refuse to pay extortion in the city's North Zone. This subject was identified as El Chango and is the operator of a local cartel that seeks to spread to other Mexican states. 

El Chango is linked to the recent discovery of a corpse in the Gustavo A. Madero neighborhood. By the way, the Mexican police found a narco message next to the body (wrapped in plastic bags), in which Chango himself is attributed to the murder. It should be noted that this neighborhood is one of the most dangerous in the capital. 

Cartels in Mexico City

In Mexico City, 40 criminal groups that are dedicated to drug trafficking, extortion and homicides operate, according to the Secretariat of Citizen Security (SSC). These groups are throughout the capital, 28 of them operate in a single neighborhood, while 12 more are concentrated in another. 

The Unión Tepito and its allies from the Jalisco New Generation Cartel ( CJNG ) are the ones with the greatest presence, in 11 and 7 municipalities, respectively. In the case of the Molina , the Rodolfos , the weakened Tláhuac Cártel and that of Lenin Canchola they are in five municipalities each. 

Some of these criminal organizations are associated, although they operate independently, others are rivals, such is the case of La Unión Tepito and the Tláhuac Cartel. Both fight for control of certain areas; They have also been weakened due to the fall of their main leaders.

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    2. Narco exhibits photos with a Barbie doll.

    3. Pinchi chango looks like real gay, in lavender green, but don't trust the México City man of the caverns secretary of police intelligence, omar Hamid Garcia Harfuch, if there is one troublemaker in México City that is him trying to make his star shine more brightly

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