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Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Mexico City, CDMX: Cartel de Sinaloa And Familia Michoacana Alliance

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Video translation is as follows:

Authorities in Mexico City detected an alliance between the Sinaloa Cartel and La Familia Michoacána. Cells of the Sinaloa Cartel allegedly maintain an alliance with La Familia Michoacana for the distribution and sale of drugs in Mexico City. This follows from statements made by three young men arrested for crimes against health and bribery in the Azcapotzalco neighborhood. Who indicated that marijuana and cocaine arrive in the capital from Michoacán through shipments from Amazon.

According to preliminary reports obtained by La Silla Rota, personnel from the Undersecretariat for Police Investigation and Intelligence made the arrests on Avenida Ferrocarriles Nacionales, between Calle Estío and Calle Otoño, near the old Refinería 18 de Marzo. The police action was carried out based on the strategy to combat high-impact crimes in Mexico City.

The detainees are Daniel de Jesús Tirado Peña, 28 years old; Ricardo Vásquez Aguirre, 24, and Jesús Eduardo Jiménez Rubio, 26, who were apprehended with marijuana, a gram scale, and a gray Renault vehicle with license plate PBY6554.

La Silla Rota


  1. I guess the cjng is to big for them

    1. Stupid dude...doesn't CJNG have a pact with CDG. Pinche pendejo

    2. 3:23 thats to move large quantities of drugs across the gulf border plazas not to sell dime bags in Mexico city. CDS looking weak son Chaputas fucking up the federation

    3. 4:06 and CDMX isn't a big plaza? What dime bags are you on about

    4. 12:43 it can't compare to a border plaza. CDS chaputas reduced to dime bags

  2. There's an article on the internet...
    Military will now have Anti-tank rocket launchers, to use against the cartels when in a firefight.
    But again we all know Obrador won't want them to use them.

  3. Fm real cop killers in those areas

  4. Didn't those pendejos learn their lesson?
    CDS along with Calderon almost finished off la familia michoacana.
    CDS at the time was clicked up with la familia and cjng but chose CJNG.
    Cjng and FM were at war, cds Sent the army after their ass. FM was growing out of control like CJNG so CDS had to stop them some how. Now they holding hands again...

    1. Just the palm of their hands. But not receiving holy comunion.

    2. The enemy of my enemy, is now my friend. There you have it

    3. Idiot.. family Michigan...was lined up with zetas. Do your homework.. el tisico had open the doors for them in Michigan. That's why Los matazetas was created in Michigan. The matazetas turned in to CJNG. Cartel de milenio financed them. But matazetas we're CDS...

    4. El tisico was double crossed like in 2015. At a meeting CJNG killed him. Because tisico was trying to regroup zetas in Michigan

    5. 9:29
      Miss H
      Where's the Steam steak pie you promised me 😂?

    6. Cuernavaca your right except the part you say matazetas were CDS

      They were clicked up with CDS but were never CDS..

      Why you think cjng got Colima and jalisco after they broke their ALIANCE?
      Because those were cjng plazas
      If they would have been CDS those plazas would not be cjng.

      They joined forces to fight Los zetas.

      Get it right!!

    7. 10:24 hey pendejo!
      Your talking about the beginning of how la familia was formed.
      I'm talking about after El Mas Loco and El chango got rid of zetas in michoacan.
      They were looking to expand and were reaching out of michoacan. They had big plans for that cartel. They were planing on getting guanajuato, Guerrero. Morelos and surrounding states. They were going to call each state familia guerrerense, familia guanajuato and so on.
      That's how mencho got the idea and did exactly what cjng were planing on doing.
      Anyway, during that time michoacan cartels ALL made a truce to fight their ENEMY the ZETAS..
      CDS benefit big time because they would snitch on them to the DEA so DEA can let them operate.
      So those pendejos are going to get snitched on again..

      Don't believe me. Look into El vicentillo, that's El MAYO son turned snitch (twice) 🤣
      He told the court he was given the green light by DEA and all he had to do was turn in people who were involved in the game.
      You think he snitched on his own?
      Of course not!
      Mencho got smart and separated from CDSNITCHES because he knew he was next in line to be rated on..

    8. 1:32 your a complete moron. I bet you're like 24 years old, with a beard thinking your a narco because you listen to corridos... CJNG barely got feet into Colima n Jalisco... Because before that Colima n Jalisco belonged CDS.. who was in charge of that region...? Nacho Coronel...

    9. This guy here is even stupid then the last one... Your pretty fukn dumb trying on making assumptions into fact...with smiley face imogis... No use in arguing with you, because I can tell you are absolutely stupid

    10. 2:17 hey Cuernavaca so if cds owned jalisco and Colima why didn't they end up with it 🤔

      Nacho coronel got set up and lost his plaza
      cjng was created and took his shit.
      Plain and simple

      Here's onother emoji 🤪

      What part of what I said don't you agree with? It's all FACTS.
      It's not my opinion.

    11. 2:17 bro we know your a teenager dont try and hide it

    12. 1:47 michoacan cartels ALL made a truce with CDS to fight their common enemy Los zetas.
      CDS was at their prime and with michoacan cartels CDS didn't have to worry about zetas anymore. They both benefited.
      CDS had cjng and la familia michoacana as alies. Cjng and la familia were at war. CDS and Mencho turned out to be better partners and that's the reason la famila was to be eliminated.
      CDS and CJNG knew FM was big competition, so CDS did what they do best and send in the federales and Calderon who we later learned got a big amount of 💰 from chapo.
      We also learned Garcia luna worked for chapo and got rid of his enemies (like El botas Blanca in morelos)
      In that time around 2008 or so michoacan was the state with more feferales killed and tortured.

      I got more AMMO if you want some Cuernavaca
      Come get it.. 😆

    13. General Marcelino Garcia Barragan the Butcher of Tlatelolco born in chiguauguau was governor of jalisco, and owner of drug trafficking before the Tlatelolco massacre his son in charge of the DFS worked with guadalajara cartel and the grandson alias The Ghost of Ayotzinapa is running shit on the DF (mexico city) making points to get the secretary of defense or at least national intelligence director he worked with drug traffickers all his motherfucking to life, that is Omar Hamid Garcia Harfuch an animal with no intelligence whatsoever but with the necessary pedigree to go places and an ally of genarco garcia Luna presently working for la candidata presidential Claudia Sheinbaum of la 4ta...
      After AMLO is gone, there will be trouble, with the Neo-Carrancistas replacing the neo-liberalistas as even worser rats in Mexican Politics, I bet omarcito will still own Jalisco and Colima after that.

  5. 10:26
    El flaquito Rosales opened the door to El golfo when they were still allies with zetas. El flaquito was a big dog within El golfo before he went to prison. El chango and El mas loco with tuta broke off and created la familia michoacano and went to war with los zetas do you not remember the five heads that were rolled on the dance floor that was one of the opening salvos of the FM-zetas war. It was la familia that cleansed michoacan of los zetas that's fact

    1. Finally someone who knows what they are talking about

  6. Yup, that's fact, but not the CDG Z's alliance. Zetas was part of CDG. They were a security and enforcement group within the Gulf cartel, then were given permission to dip in sales, started branching out and the rest is history.

    1. I worded that wrong,yes the zetas were a golfo armed wing/osiel's private army. Osiel started off recruiting Guzmán Decena (Z1) then he recruited the other GAFE deserters

    2. The overall leader after Decena was Lazcano Lazcano...

    3. After he died Zetas really fell apart


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