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Sunday, March 20, 2022

Guasave, Sinaloa, Subject Would Have Died In A Plane Crash In Costa Rica

"Ivan" for Borderland Beat 

A Guasavense would have died when the plane in which he was traveling with a drug shipment collapsed in the Republic of Costa Rica.

The Extra newspaper announced that at the scene of the accident they located an INE credential in the name of Pedro Vega, residing in Guasave.

The accident occurred early Thursday morning at Finca 5 in Palmar Sur. Two people died in the mishap and were completely burned. They presume that one of them is Guasavense because of the identification that found the place.

According to reports, the accident occurred when the pilots apparently lost control of the aircraft and fell on private property where there is a banana and watermelon field. The aircraft would have taken off from a clandestine airport with 54 packages of one kilo of cocaine each.

“Upon the arrival of our colleagues, a completely burned plane with two completely burned bodies was located. In the search and attention to the event, it was possible to locate a significant amount of apparent cocaine scattered over the place, "said Esteban Obando, head of the regional delegation of OIJ Corridors.

It is presumed that the device crashed due to being overweight due to drugs. Police and firefighters arrived at the scene of the incident.

"We coordinate with the OIJ authorities and the Prosecutor's Office, and because there are people who have died in the sector, the corresponding judicial order is pending," said Luis Ortega, regional director of the police.

So far it is unknown what type of plane was the victim, since it was totally consumed by the flames, what could be obtained is the brand of the engine, which was a Continental.

The bodies of the victims were taken to the judicial morgue for an autopsy.



  1. Really 54 kilos took down that plane mother fuckers shot that shit down for not paying

    1. Only 54 kilos "recovered". We all know plenty more kilos didn't make it to the evidence locker.

    2. Como dijo El Teniente Harinas:
      "Era harina"

  2. You have to look at the bigger picture when piloting there are lot of circumstances that could make a plane crash and yes weight is one factor but look at Kobe Bryant all because of weather conditions and jenny rivera bad maintenance

    1. It could also mean someone wanted them dead
      Those two you mentioned are suspicious AF

  3. Wouldn't be surprised to they say Chapo Isidro was the one that passed away continue on North


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