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Tuesday, March 8, 2022

FGR And GN Dismantle A Clandestine Laboratory For The Production Of Drugs In Juanacatlán, Jalisco

 "Ivan" for Borderland Beat 

Eight bags containing 40 kilos of white powder were also seized.

Agents from the Attorney General's Office and the National Guard seized a laboratory for the manufacture of synthetic drugs in the municipality of Juanacatlán.

According to the investigation folder, elements of the National Guard, when carrying out a surveillance tour of a gap in the municipality of Juanacatlán, located a construction, from which chemical odors were given off and that was used as a laboratory to make synthetic drugs. 

Consequently, the Federal Public Ministry (MPF) was informed, who requested and completed the search procedure with the support of experts from the institution, elements of the Federal Ministerial Police (PFM) and the National Guard, for the site before referred, where they seized various drums with liquid, 31 sacks that contained scaly substance inside.

Property and chemical substances were secured and made available to the Federal Public Ministry of the FGR, who continues with the integration of the investigation folder against the person or persons responsible for the crime against health.

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This is the second clandestine laboratory located in Juanacatlán in the last 15 days. At the end of February another was found in the Miraflores neighborhood.



  1. ALMO hitting Jalisco hard 💪🏼

    1. Yall guys know AMLO is nothing more than a puppet to the institute! He takes the heat while the big shots don't get exposed.

    2. We all know what he meant 722

    3. "ALMO" does not need any drugs, bastards, he gets himself CFE, PEMEX, all the gas, power generation, the land and tourism, and he uses all the money he saves from NOT paying chayoteros to eat in cheap ass fondas, restaurants, street tacos, to travel first class in public aigroplanos, and uses the same old shoes for the last 20 years... chinguen a su madre los criticos y ardidos que ya no viven dentro del presupuesto, todos son "loros de loretito" y se les acabo la mamadora.
      Por que llora el niño mamá?
      La mamadera le han podido quitar
      Se les acabo el Chayote culeros.

    4. @643 AMLO militarized all ports of entry, Land and sea. Clashes between cartels and the government have not stopped, on average there is 1 a day. 250 military barracks have been built with a projected 250 to go. A new airport was built with an airforce facility. Under AMLOs administration there have been more extraditions to the u.s than the last 3 presidential terms combined. There has been more prosecutions of corrupt officials under AMLO than any previous administration. Since Calderon declared the war on drugs, homicides doubled on average year after year. For the first 2 years of AMLO'S term, homicides hovered around 36k a year with last year being the first year they dropped about 3k. But yet somehow AMLO and his administration are lazy? I think you're lazy. You don't do any research. You let others do the thinking for you. You don't cross reference or fact check, you just repeat what others tell you.

    5. 9:53 AMLO nuthugger Mongol.
      He does nada for it's citizens, favors the Cartels more, you forgot to mention the bribes he gets, the multi million dollar home he bought his, unemployed son in Texas, we sure know he does not get paid 1 million per year. You blind as a bat.

    6. 9:53
      You must be the lawyer, they say comes in this blog, to create good propaganda for Obrador. We all know the truth.

    7. 953 I knew it! AMLO research guy responded!
      AMLO builds military bases
      3k less homicides

    8. 7:36 former president carlos salinas de gortari bought himself a vice presidency with DowJones for 10 billion dollars, that's some Super Olympic Gold medal golden parachute , and it never bothered your ass.
      EPN famously spent 2 million dollars on shit from Bijáns, before he became president, it never bothered your nalgas either...WHY?

  2. Comments low today everyone is at work, working for food, rent and rising gas prices.


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