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Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Donora, Pennsylvania: Drug-Dealing Half Brother Of Penn Hills Cocaine Kingpin Is Headed To Federal Prison

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

The half-brother of two Donora cocaine dealers who led one of the largest drug rings in the history of Western Pennsylvania will spend a little over four years in federal prison for drug trafficking.

U.S. District Judge Mark Hornak on Monday imposed a term of 50 months on John Duchi, 33, of Donora.

Duchi had pleaded guilty to his role in a coke ring that shipped massive amounts of the drug to Penn Hills from Los Angeles and Atlanta.

The operation was led by Don Juan Mendoza, a convicted Florida drug dealer with ties to Mexican cartels who is awaiting sentencing.

His top two lieutenants in Pittsburgh were Jamie Lightfoot Jr. and his brother, Deaubre Lightfoot, both of whom have also been convicted.

The drug shipments came to Jamie Lightfoot's house in Penn Hills, the distribution point, but he and Deaubre Lightfoot are originally from Donora, where their father was also a major drug dealer who was prosecuted with his sons.

Duchi is the Lightfoots’ half-brother.

FBI wiretaps revealed that Duchi had conspired with his half-brothers and other criminals to distribute between 400 and 500 grams of cocaine from 2015 to 2017.

After the federal takedown in 2017, Duchi hid out with relatives in North Carolina until U.S. marshals hunted him down. He was ordered held in custody because of his long criminal history, because he had never had a job in his life and because he fled to another state.

Duchi, who went by "Bam," had been out on bond in a Westmoreland County case when he was indicted along with 38 other people.

Wiretaps showed him directly involved with the conspiracy. On Nov. 3, 2017, he asked Deaubre Lightfoot: "Anything shake up yet?" He was talking about the next coke shipment on its way in an RV from LA.

But agents were tracking it. When it arrived at Jamie Lightfoot's house on Nov. 5, the FBI and state troopers swept in and made arrests. Inside the RV, they found over 100 pounds of cocaine, 85 pounds of marijuana and an AK-47. They also found $600,000 in cash in Lightfoot's house.

In terms of volume, the ring ranks as one of the three largest cocaine operations ever uncovered in this part of the state.

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