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Sunday, March 20, 2022

Cornwall Man Chris Cleave Killed In Mexico Was 'Threatened' By 'Drug Cartel'

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Local reports state that a man thought to be Mr Cleave was threatened earlier this month along with two other men in a so-called narcomanta, a message left by a local drug cartel on a cloth banner

Chris Cleave reportedly received a threat days before his death

A Cornwall man who was killed in Mexico reportedly received a threatening message believed to be from drug dealers.

Chris Cleave, who had moved to Mexico more than 10 years ago, was tragically shot dead in the street while driving with his 14-year-old daughter on Saturday morning (March 12).

The popular 54-year-old businessman was working as a real estate agent in Cancun. He had previously had lived in Truro.

The DailyMail reported that Mr Cleave was targeted by two men on a motorcycle while driving through Playa del Carmen, in a red Audi.

Now, local reports state that a man thought to be Mr Cleave was threatened along with two other men in a so-called narcomanta, a message left by a local drug cartel on a cloth banner, in an upmarket beach area of Playa del Carmen called Playacar.

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The message, written in Spanish and removed by the police soon after it appeared, said: “This is for you Filipp and Jack from Playacar, with Range Rover and Porsche cars and the secret partners of Bistro, Playacar.

“We are coming for you and the sale of your s##t. Also for you Cris, with the red Audi.”

It was signed by Commander Cobra.

Chris Cleave was shot dead in Mexico

Unconfirmed local reports at the time said the mystery men behind the intimidating message wanted to sell their drugs there.

Local prosecutors confirmed two arrests had been made over the killing. Bistro Playacar is a restaurant. There is no suggestion at this stage any illegal activity takes place at the premises.

A spokesman for Quintana Roo’s State Prosecution Service said: “We can confirm the arrest of two men who probably participated in the incident that took place on Saturday morning in which a foreigner living in the area lost his life. The weapon that was used has been recovered.”

Mr Cleave is believed to have been followed as he left his home before being assassinated as he stopped in traffic. The men arrested on suspicion of Mr Cleave’s murder were pictured for the first time yesterday, as they were identified as an 18-year-old and a 30-year-old.

The teenager has been named only by his first name and the initial of his surname as Lenin N and the older man as Jose N. Police said one of the alleged killers had tried to flee on foot after getting off the motorbike during a police chase and hiding in undergrowth. The gun believed to have been used to shoot Mr Cleave was recovered nearby.

The other man was stopped on the motorbike shortly afterwards.

Two local men, one aged 18 and named by police only as Lenin N, and the other aged 30 and named as Jose N, have been arrested for the alleged murder of Cornwall dad Chris Cleave in Mexico

Last month two men were shot dead and a third injured at a popular tourist restaurant in the area. A group of gunmen opened fire in an attack at Art Beach restaurant at the entrance to the hotel zone in the Mayan Riviera resort of Tulum a 50-minute drive south of Playa del Carmen, where the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio, Demi Moore and Sting have holidayed.

Survivors dining at the upmarket eatery, which mixes food with live music, reported hearing at least 20 gunshots.

The incident occurred less than a month after two Canadians were gunned down and a third was wounded in a hotel in Playa del Carmen south of Cancun on the same coastline.

The victims of the January 21 shooting at the luxury Hotel Xcaret in Playa del Carmen were part of a group of 10 tourists who had traveled to Quintana Roo on the Yucatan Peninsula to spend their vacations at the five-star establishment.

Local prosecutors later identified the two 34-year-old men killed as convicted criminals in Canada and said they believed debts arising from the criminal activities they were involved in were likely to have been behind the attack on them. They have been named as Robert James Dinh and Thomas Cheruka.

Two people, including a Mexican hitman initially hired to kill the victims, have been arrested.

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  1. Cartel affiliate killed by cartel sicarios..
    Nothing to see here move along..

    1. But, but, but I want to see a dead body.
      In Guetelmala this married lady in her 30s, with a before picture of the crime, nice looking well kept.
      The husband caught her cheating, there they rarely have guns, the husband had a machete, you can't imagine, what it can do to slice up a body, instead of going for the man, he went for the wife, the person using the video phone sure went for 2 foot close-ups, he sliced her face alive, deep gashes, her face was slit in two.

    2. 12:31 you get a read the article and then comment.
      When they kill a foreigner in Mexico, it seems they are fast at solving the crime, also sometimes they grab anyone and pin the crime on them.
      But when it's criminals against Mexician citizens good luck if it even gets investigated.

    3. Ok, since he's White let's make a Big deal about this guy who was threatened by rival drug dealers and then killed.
      I read the article and the one before this one..
      Nothing to see here just onother guy trying to get rich of drug profits but got killed instead.
      Add him to the long list

    4. Driving MSSQL, what article did you read where it says he was going to get killed for not participating? In this article it clearly says they're going after him for selling his sh@#! So I'm curious what article you're talking about that unknown should have read?Surely you wouldn't tell someone "-you should read the entire article or atleast a few sentences before commenting-" and then turn around and not do it yourself right? I know me myself, I would feel like a complete ass after trying to correct someone by giving them advice and then show them I don't practice what I preach and on top of that it turns out the other person was right all along. But that's just me. That's why I wonder what article are "YOU" talking about? Cause it can't be this one and I know you must practice what so recommend to others. Right???

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    One limey sucka dead!

    1. Little nuts has the Downs. Please don't make fun of his low iq fellow bbers.

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      And does it mean somethimg about las chichis?

  3. this is where i get to see how full of shit everyone is, first of all, the narcomanta was in 2021, he has lived full time since 2001, the rest of narcomanta told him to shut up, it had no reference to him selling, the whole bullshit behind the narcomanta was in refernece to 2 bars in Playacar, one was owned by a argentinian, and the other was by a russian, the russian bar was popular, the argentinian was jealous, one day the guardia national turned up and took the dick narco away was was selling in the bar, (all indications pointed to the argentinian squelling) the narcos thought the first two wankers in the narcomanta were part of the ownership, they were not. just timeshare wankers thinking they were hot shit, the narco's wanted their $$ for lost product plus extra, the russian said, "lick the sack" and two days later, he was shot, look back, it was reported here.. then at the wake, some fucked up halcones heard the group bad mouthing the wanker who thought he was something. that's why in the narcomanta it said "cris with the red audi, keep your mouth shut"... more or iess... and it was signed "comodante Z" but he was confirmed dead from the virus the previous year.

  4. I wouldn’t step one foot any part of Mexico, just my humble opinion.


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