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Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Colima, Colima: Cartel Jalisco Gunmen Leave A Narco Message

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

This morning a narco banner with a threatening message was placed on the pedestrian bridge over the Ejército Mexicano bypass, at the intersection of Avenida Universidad, in the Oriental neighborhood of the city of Colima.

Following a report of citizens passing through the area, the police corporations arrived to remove the blanket. It was handed over to the agent of the Public Ministry who took charge of the investigations.

Narco message reads as follows:

Vaca, stop with all your bullshit. No one sent you to kill the governor. You just don’t know how to work effectively because you were too busy looking for tits to suck off of. It’s better for you not to send Abulon. Let me repeat it once more for you. 

Because you just don’t know how to work effectively on your own. Whether you believe this or not, we already know that you’re in Sinaloa. Don’t entangle the townspeople to do your bullshit. Citizens, don’t allowed yourselves to be deceived. We’re on your side. CJNG

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  1. Let's see how long la vaca lasts

  2. Replies
    1. 10:31 esta vaca se va a ahogar en su propia cagada.

  3. Vaca in Sinaloa... signs of CDS taking their chances in Colima?

    1. Vaca sent someone to make a truth with cjng & like el Cholo said Sinaloa te queda grande y paque veas que estoy para jalar te doy 30% y paque le des a gobierno de Jalisco la tranquilidad que le prometístes. But Cholo was losing the war just like Vaca is. Vaca wants a truth & wants to stay in Colima & control Manzanillo

    2. Sinaloas don't beat that I'm Colima, they would get demolished. CJNG control that state from bottom to the top

  4. "Mira bien hijo de tu puta madre, soy Mencho, güey. Relaja a tu puta gente a la verga, soy Mencho wey. Relaja a toda tu partida, si no te voy a partir tu madre a ti y a toda tu bola de perros. Te tengo identificados 30 güeyes. Hasta a tus putos perros te voy a matar sino te relajas güey, ¿cómo ves?"


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