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Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Colima: Carlos Aguilar Garcia And Luis Antonio Amador Gutierrez

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

The following broadcasts contain the interrogations and subsequent beheadings of captured members from the Cartel Jalisco who passed information to La Vaca. Both men sold drugs locally in Colima.

Warning: Graphic Videos

Video translation is as follows:

Sicario: What’s your name?

Captive: Carlos Aguilar Garcia.

Sicario: Whats your nickname?

Captive: El Chompon. 

Sicario: Who do you work for?

Captive: For La Vaca. 

Sicario: Speak louder!

Captive: I work for La Vaca. 

Sicario: What exactly do you do for him?

Captive: I sell drugs for him. 

Sicario: Where exactly?

Captive: Down there by the fuel station. 

Sicario:  Who supply’s you?

Captive: It’s that one guy I mentioned earlier to you. 

Sicario: Who, who supplies you?

Captive: Hector. 

Sicario: Describe him for me. 

Captive: He’s tall, has a mushroom shaped haircut. And he only drives a motorcycle.

Sicario: Lift up your fucking face. What exactly do you do for the La Vaca operatives?

Captive: For the La Vaca operatives…well…

Sicario: What do you help them out with?

Captive: I sell drugs for them. 

Sicario: This will be the fate of all the piece of shit faggots. 

Captive stutters as he says: I was helping the 4 letters…

Video translation is as follows:

Sicario: Whats your name?

Captive: Luis Antonio Amador Gutierrez. 

Sicario: What’s your nickname?

Captive: Carrier. 

Sicario: Who do you work for?

Captive: Well, La Vaca has us all under threat. 

Sicario: Who do you work for?

Captive: Well, supposedly we’re working for La Vaca. But he currently has our families under threat. Nevertheless, we’re Jalisco operatives sir. 

Sicario: Shut the fuck up! What exactly is your job with those faggots?

Captive: Sometimes I sell, I sell drugs but…

 Sicaro: Who gives you guys those drugs?

Captive: El Monkey. 

Sicario: El Monkey?

Captive: He’s a short dark skin man. 

Sicario: Which vehicle does he use to move around in?

Captive: He drives a black motorcycle. 

Sicario: Are there any other vehicles that you’re aware of?

Captive: Yes, a red car. A red Dodge Stratus. 

Sicario: What other vehicle?

Captive : A white Jetta. It’s a 2012. 

Sicario: Turn this way and look at the camera. What else, what other vehicles? 

Captive: Well, that’s about it. There have been times that I’ve seen them arrive on bicycles to hand over stuff. 

Sicario: Which other persons are also inside those vehicles?

Captive: El Monkey and a big breasted woman are in that vehicle. 

Sicario: Is it correct to say that El Monkey and that big breasted woman are moving around in that motorcycle?

Captive: Yes. 

Sicario: This will be the fate of everyone who fucking supports the Vaca operatives.

Unidad de Inteligencia Ciudadana

El Blog de Los Guachos


  1. Replies
    1. Men tend to remember such peculiarities. 😆

  2. Such detail under stress..thank god for my confort

  3. Monkey better hop in the '12 Jetta and vamouse!

    Canadian girl💋

    1. Canada girl did you like the beheading videos?

  4. Sad how his family will see this but like they say in the NAVY
    "You choose your rate you choose your fate"
    In this case he chose to be a drug dealer and we all know what comes with that

  5. If I read it correctly two CJNG members had thier heads cut off. I will pass on the beheading videos.

  6. I don't understand. One dude says he works for La Vaca, selling drugs for him. La Vaca isnt CJNG anymore,so they must have been caught between the 2 sides since Vaca dragged his men and his enormous testicles testicles over to CDS. Nothing about giving information to La Vaca, but I guess if they knew anything that would help him hed have got it out of them.


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