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Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Atlixco, Puebla: 10 Executed, Settling Of Scores Among Traffickers

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Municipal and State police, as well as elements of the Mexican Army, guard the Francisco I. Madero neighborhood of Atlixco, where nine people were killed.

Video translation is as follows:

Let's go now to truth, to the details, to the facts. Because today, today there was another massacre. This time in Atlixco, Puebla where 10 people were executed, 7 men and 3 women. According to the state prosecutor's office, as they always say, they killed each other. 

They call it a settling of scores among drug dealers. Authorities also point out that they were citizens who had just moved from Acapulco, Guerrero to this area, to this place that is a drug point.

What happened? According to the authorities, a direct attack took place where a group of subjects with long and short weapons arrived in several vehicles. They burst into the place shooting at least 100 times. 

The Morenista governor Miguel Barboza says that the executed victims came from the other Morenista state, from Guerrero just to commit a crime. Atlixco, one of the 10 magical towns of Puebla, registers the third massacre of the year.

At least after the one recorded in Zacatecas where criminals left 10 stacked bodies in a truck at dawn on January 6. And the other without bodies where they killed at least 11 people in San Jose de Gracia, Michoacán.

Azucena Uresti

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  1. you know how much I'm gonna get paid tomorrow to go out right now and spend a little of it on you? a trip in real time of what I've inherited. there's a pueblo called Cactus you can't afford to go out in a desert and suck some water out of. these pointy needles espinaca se sumen por onde quera.

    1. I don't even think you know what you're saying.

    2. 10:15 se fumó las espinacas de los nopales pensando que eran cactuses,

  2. Scumbags killing scumbags, that's good. Let the trash take care of itself.

  3. Fyi

    Article from last year about what cartels are operating in Puebla.

  4. Everyday murders, not a single day without mass murdering.

  5. Azucena Uresti works for degenerate news Milenio, they believe CHAYOTE will fix Néxico, the bigger the better and they are all Loret til then


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