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Friday, March 25, 2022

5.4 Tons of Cocaine Belonging to Clan del Golfo Seized at Sea in Multiple Operations

"Socalj" for Borderland Beat

In multiple joint operations of the Colombian military, National Police and US Southern Command in the Caribbean and Pacific has seized 5.4 metric tons of cocaine and cocaine hydrochloride from Clan del Golfo boats.

The Colombian Navy announced in the last hours that it carried out several offensive operations against drug trafficking in the Colombian Caribbean and Pacific, through which it managed to seize 5.4 tons of cocaine, "affecting the finances of the Organized Armed Group (GAO) Clan del Golfo, with the loss of more than $188 million dollars.”

"This significant reduction in the supply of narcotics worldwide was carried out in three operations focused on denying the use of the sea as a means of transporting these illegal substances, preventing the distribution of more than 13 million doses," the institution explained.

These busts come a week after the former second-in-command of the Clan del Golfo cartel escaped from La Picota prison in Colombia, as reported by Borderland Beat.

Likewise, he pointed out that the results were achieved after a first operation that was carried out jointly with the Colombian Air Force and coordinated with the National Police, and that allowed the interdiction of a suspicious vessel that was moving on the Gulf of Morrosquillo and was manned by two individuals of Colombian nationality, who transported 1,606 kilograms of cocaine hydrochloride, 420 gallons of fuel, communications equipment, and 1,758,000 Colombian pesos in cash. The alkaloid seems to belong to the Clan del Golfo.

The Colombian Navy also reported last Sunday, March 20, that in the development of a joint operation with the Air Force and the Southern Command of the United States, about 3.4 tons of cocaine hydrochloride were seized, which were transported with destination to Central America in a “Go Fast” type boat.

“The boat that was manned by five subjects, three of Nicaraguan nationality and two Costa Ricans; she was immobilized and taken to the pier of the San Andrés Coast Guard Station. When checking the interior of the vessel, the crew members of the naval institution found 3,287 rectangular packages inside 132 packages, ”said the Navy.

After the events mentioned above, in coordination with members of the Technical Investigation Corps (CTI) of the Attorney General's Office, an Approved Preliminary Identification Test (PIPH) was carried out, which gave a positive result for cocaine hydrochloride with a weight of 3,382 kilograms.

It should be said that the alkaloid, the five subjects captured and the immobilized boat was made available to officials of the Prosecutor's Office, an investigative entity that will be in charge of developing the respective criminal and legal process.

Another operation was carried out in the Colombian Pacific, where 438 kilograms of cocaine hydrochloride were seized. The proceedings were carried out in the midst of search patrols and military control in the municipality of Bajo Baudó, Chocó. In these actions, the authorities managed to locate a suspicious vessel, without a name, which was stranded about five nautical miles off the Playa Nueva district, which contained the alkaloid.

“This important result was achieved thanks to a complete synergy between aircraft from the Colombian Navy and the Colombian Air Force, with the support of an aerial platform from the United States Southern Command; who managed to identify and follow in detail a suspicious motor ship, which was sailing in the Caribbean Sea,” specified the communication from the military institution.

He also assured that during the execution of the operation and once the boat was located, it began to chase it for several miles with naval means. That was how a rapid reaction unit from the San Andrés Coast Guard Station managed to interdict the motor ship 121 nautical miles off the coast of the Archipelago.

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  1. Excellent 👍 catch this one did put a major dent on drugs.

    1. 11:57 I'd rather see Alvaro uribe velez in prison for life, he has has too many goodfellas in high places for too long, that drug trafficking mass murderer has more accomplices than good luck.

  2. That hurts...we need them birds out here

  3. From what I see the blacks runs the shit in Colombia!

  4. Mexican cartels are not on the level of the Colombians!

    1. 1:15 mexican cartels are nothing but the middle men and the fall guys, the moment they show independence or progress the moment they fall off the table scrap banquet...

  5. Hmmmm that seems odd
    First a clan del golfo boss escapes prison "easily" and now that shyt happens

  6. Replies
    1. 7:17 cinico, mantenido, sinvergüenza...

    2. Cínico a veces,mantenido para nada , sinvergüenza si .

    3. 10:29 dos de tres,
      todas de una vez,
      total ya qué

  7. Mexicans can run their own business they don't need the Columbians.

    1. @10:20 yeah with coca grown in Mex, rite?

    2. There's 5 to 10 times as many meth users as cocaine users in the us

    3. Mexicans need to buy from colombians. So yeah they need the colombians more than the colombians need to fuck with the mexicans

    4. 1:42
      Bs Colombians need Mex just as much... they need each other the Caribbean routes were pretty much shut down in the 80's some still work the Caribbean but it's much more secure and profitable working with the Mexicans since they control the us/Mex land border. Pretty much all the coke routes to the USA are ran by the Mexicans,see they need each other no Colombians no coke no Mexicans get a bunch of your coke snatched by USA Coast guard/CBP

  8. 9:52 alvaro uribe velez stole it all from Pablo Escobar himself and toppled the biggest colombian traffickers, also the biggest mexican capos and he still runs his shit in Culombia with impunity
    He also gave FECAL and Garcia Luna medals amd diplomas for their help.
    Alvaro Uribe Velez owner and founding member of the AU de Colombia also sent his puppet giniral oscar naranjas to help establish the AutoDefensas Uribistas in Michuakan for the CJNG, and no matter what, nobody ever touches Uribe's tiara, that the queen.


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