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Sunday, February 13, 2022

Two Men Shot To Death By Hitman

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

On this side of the world there are also dreams. Regrettably not everyone born into a bleak existence, into an environment where the odds were stacked against them, will ever reach those goals. 

Two condemned men find themselves standing before an armed criminal cell in a less than triumphant moment in their lives. 

They’re about to leave the world of the living to permanently join the realm of the dead. The incoherent chatter from callous assassins are the final words they hear before departing.

Warning: Graphic Video

Video translation is as follows: 

Sicario #1: Let’s do it with an AK-47. 

Sicario #2: I don’t have any…

Sicario #3: Face forward. (Victim is positioned for gunfire) Do you want to shoot him? (Gunman is asking if his partner also wants a turn)

Sicario #4: Let me also get a few shots in there…

Muerte X Glorious Dead


  1. Hearst happy Valentines day.
    Will you be my valentine?

  2. Meh, I have a feeling you're into the gore videos Sol. But would you really consider this "newsworthy" no details other than some guy being shot.

    1. The thing about these videos, although ugly in nature, is that they serve to remind us all that these horrors are actually taking place somewhere inside the Mexican republic. They hold their sole purpose in spreading the awareness. Whereas if someone were to tell us a story about the abominable crimes without anything more than just words. Then the effectiveness wouldn't be as emotive or concerning. I say this because I've seen the actual numbers whenever an activist, innocent civilian, or lawyer gets killed. Those numbers barely make a blip. Most people just don't care one bit about it.. But if a video filled with horrible violence appears those views go through the roof right away in astronomical digits. There was a particular broadcast I released not too long ago where more than 80 thousand views had already been registered in a short span of time.

    2. Sol - it’s more than 10 yrs since Calderon declare war on drugs and Mexico is getting worst.

    3. Mexico is getting worse due to economic failures. Along with less than favorable wages. The wsr on drugs is a means for many to acquire financial gains. The cost of living continues to rise.

    4. Sol- What you say might be true, but it must make you uneasy. As a journalist, if you aren't providing information or any context other than "this shit happens" then its a problem, surely? That video might have got 80,000 views, but if half of those views were from wannabe wall-builders who share it on Breitbart to prove the little brown barbarians are at the gates, another 20,000 are young people whose sole reason for watching is to glorify or commiserate and then misinform left right and centre, another 10 thousand are watching to say "Whoa Bruh, these motherfukkers dont play lol." then what good is really done? Exposure in itself is not necessarily a driver for change just because its opposite, silence and complicity, is a bad thing. I'm not denigrating what you do, in any way, because I love BB, I read your posts regularly, and its the only place where I see videos like this (and either watch or don't) shown where I trust the motives of those showing it. But I often think that the people doing the killing WANT everybody to see it, the more the better, and the people dying would want the exact opposite. There'll be dummies talking about "censorship" in response, as if borrowing somebody elses platform, microphone, and speakers is an innate human right, but they always confuse the issue. Its not about censorship. Its about silence and complicity, and the responsibilities you take on when you decide not to be silent, and its more complicated than people make out. Anyway, respect

  3. Talk about cowards.
    Shoot unarmed men at point blank range.

    1. If shoes were on the other side, probably same result. There is a war going on with unimaginable horrors. Rules of engagement don't apply.

    2. At least their murders were done without torture. But that one ahole wanted HIS chance to shoot one.

  4. That's the sad part about Mexico, law abiding citizens are not allowed to have weapons for self defense. But a criminal can carry any type of weapon and kill anyone at anytime and 99% of the time get away with it.


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