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Thursday, February 10, 2022

They Reduce The Sentence Of Emma Coronel, Wife Of Chapo Guzmán

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

The United States Bureau of Prisons reported on Thursday that Emma Coronel Aispurodrug trafficker’s wife Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzmanwill be released on September 13, 2023.

The location of Emma Coronel, who is mother of two twins who procreated with the capoit is for the moment confidential government informationa commonplace for convicted traffickers who were linked to the former leader of the Sinaloa Cartel.

How do we share you in The Truth Newsthe Californian model after being arrested in the Dulles International Airportin Virginia, as reported in a statement by the US Department of Justicereceived 3 years in prison in the United States.

Reduced sentence of Emma Coronel

With good behavior and participating in rehabilitation programs and activities, you will be able to leave earlier than expected.

Recently, the US government has reduced the model’s sentence, which was initially 36 months, now it will be 31 months.

Her could leave even before that date if you add credits having good conduct Y participating in rehabilitation programs and activities. Behind her bars they identify her as prisoner number 31149-509.

Emma Colonel, 32 years old, was sentenced on November 30 to three years in prison for the crimes of conspiracy to distribute drugs Y launder millions of dollars that her husband illicitly obtained.

Her was held in a Virginia prison, but now it is unknown where he is. Custody of her remains in the hands of the US Marshals Service.

The publication of the release date of Emma Coronel happens two weeks later that her husband ‘El Chapo’ received a legal setback: a court of appeals confirmed his life sentence.

The rules for Emma Coronel released

She will have four years of probation that will put her under strict surveillance by the authorities.

The lawyer Mariel Colon Miro said in an interview with the program Wake up America from Univision who requested the Bureau of Prisons (BOP) that Emma Coronel be transferred to a prison in Californiabecause of the weather, the type of facilities and his proximity to Mexicowhich would allow the visit of their relatives.

The options that Colonel has would be four prisons located in Southern California: FCI Victorville Medium 1, FCI Herlong, FCI Mendota Y USP Lompoc.

Once he completes his punishment, the wife of ‘El Chapo’ will be subject to four years probation They will put her under strict surveillance by the authorities.

Some of the rules that she must comply with in that period are:

1.- Report to the assigned federal office 72 hours after release

2.- It will require approval every time you change your address

3.- You will receive a visit from the responsible officer at any time and day

4.- You will be obliged to look for a job of at least 30 hours a week

5.- You are prohibited from possessing firearms

6.- You must not have communication with people involved in illicit activities.

California 18


  1. Mama’s is gonna be back on the saddle in no time. Lmfao!

    Hay perra ni quien te viera.

  2. Lol so she went in after menchita had more serious charges and still gets out sooner. Ta cabron.

  3. Emma you can come to my house, after you serve your time.

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    1. Yeah Pinche unkown
      Kiss my grits too.

    2. What are grits does it mean butt or some type of bread from Russia.
      Unknown kiss my grits too.
      Michoachangos Cjng going down.

  5. Well Emma you can party at my pad, when you get released. Hope those are real boobs.

  6. Where you by any chance drinking when you wrote this? Grammar error city! 🤣

    1. At the bottom where it says California 18. That's where the original article came from. Go there to complain about their typos genius.

    2. 6:50
      Mr. Manta thinks the famous Sol
      Is drinking while he types away 😂

    3. Did you translate it, or was this the original post. Cause, yeah, this was terrible. Thanks for sharing though.

    4. @11:14 the original source is in English. All I did was bring the article here for everyone to see. They have their fair share of typos like anyone else. But whenever you see an actual video or narco message translation, those are all mine. The translated Spanish articles just as well belong to me if they began in Spanish. It just a matter of always looking at the source which is at the bottom of the article.



    5. 11:14 unkown
      Your lost in translation again.
      It was not Sol, as it has been mentioned, your brain is slow. It was the person that made the topic.

    6. Mándalos a la verga Sol. No les expliques nada.

    7. Paisa, tienen la suerte que no los tengo de frente. Si no ya desde cuando les fuera jalado las pinche orejas por imbeciles. 😆

  7. Go after her drug $$$! Seize her bank accounts and anything of value and keep doing it so she lives in a 1 bedroom apartment on the other side of the tracks! If she wants safety in America after all the problems she has caused there should be a price!

    1. She is paying her sins through prison time, little nuts truther

  8. We need to pray to Mexican Gods so Chapo can be released from prison. We need him to fight against the mugrosos CJNG and Michuachangos.

  9. Come visit me Emma C. After jail time.
    You can sit on my lap and tell me how was it like being locked up.

  10. Rules 4 and 6 are tall orders. Hard to follow. Momma needs money.

    Free Chapo Guzman. Please pray to Mexican Gods for his safe return to Mexico.

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      You still don't know how to clean your butt, and I don't go telling your mom.


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