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Friday, February 25, 2022

They Dismantle A Transnational Gang Of Human Trafficking For The Purpose Of Sexual Exploitation That Operated In Mexico City

 "Ivan" for Borderland Beat 

The Office of the Attorney General of the Republic (FGR), through the Office of the Specialized Prosecutor for Organized Crime (FEMDO), in coordination with the Criminal Investigation Agency (AIC) and the Secretary of the Navy of Mexico (SEMAR), dismantled a transnational criminal organization dedicated to trafficking and sexual exploitation which operated from Mexico City, and which was denounced by authorities from the Paraguayan embassy.

According to the statement issued by the authorities, the group's way of operating consisted of attracting the victims to their countries through a job offer as "escort lady", they offered them a good salary and transported them by air to the Mexico City and interning them irregularly; Later, they were transported to various departments in the country's capital and the State of Mexico.

"Once in national territory, they told the women that they had contracted a debt and they were required to pay a quota of 12 to 20 sexual services per day."In the operation carried out in several buildings in the capital of Mexico, six people were arrested, three Mexicans and two citizens of Venezuela and Paraguay, respectively.

The authorities reported that the arrest warrant was obtained against Leticia Yolanda Cabrera López; the Paraguayan citizen, Liz Natalia Alonso López; the Venezuelan citizen Lilibeth Johanna Suárez, and the Mexicans Ismael José Orozco, Marisela Soledad García Ravelo and Axel Limón Carranza García.

For the crimes of trafficking in persons for the purpose of exploitation through the prostitution of others, benefit of sexual exploitation and organized crime; and for the crimes of human trafficking for the purpose of exploitation through the prostitution of others and organized crime.

The District Judge attached to the Federal Criminal Justice Center in Mexico City, granted the FGR search warrants for five addresses located in Mexico City and one more in the State of Mexico, in order to complete said search warrants. apprehension by elements of the Federal Ministerial Police (PFM), achieving the arrest of the six people mentioned and the location of other possible victims of the crime.

The detainees were presented before the Judge of the case in order to carry out the imputation and request to be linked to the process, however, the defense requested that their legal situation be resolved in the duplicity of the term established by law, which is why they The precautionary measure of preventive detention was imposed on the women at the Santa Martha Acatitla Women's Center for Social Rehabilitation, and the men at the South Men's Preventive Prison.




  1. To pay of the debt each one must perform 12-20 acts per day. Did they leave out the part of when the debt would reach to 0.:Or were they bro do it forever????

  2. I am always stunned when a woman can do this to another female. Do you think they too, were victims of the same and were "promoted" to a participant?

    1. Choosing doesn't make it a victim.

    2. The term is actually a " Bottom Bitch" who polices over the other girls. She usually starts out as a victim herself. If orders are not followed there will be consequences.
      Frequently this woman will be forced to be a witness to motel room water boarding and torture so she knows what happens if she fucks up. By this point your brain is so fucked and brainwashed by the pimp your sense of reality is skewed. Who knows?

  3. The debts are never paid off. This is organized crime. After a while they are either killed or sold to another criminal organization. The worst of the worst criminals.


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