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Sunday, February 6, 2022

These Are the CJNG Bosses Who Are Still Free in Puerto Vallarta

"Ivan" for Borderland Beat 

According to the United States Department of the Treasury, they would be linked to the murder of Aristóteles Sandoval and the attempted murder of the Secretary of Security of Mexico City.

At least three men belonging to the New Generation Cartel lead the criminal organization in Puerto Vallarta commanded by Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes, alias "El Mencho."

According to the United States Department of the Treasury, Carlos Andrés Rivera Varela, alias “La Firma”, who has dual nationality (Colombian-Mexican), is still free; Francisco Javier Gudiño Haro alias "La Gallina", and Gonzalo "El Sapo" Mendoza Gaytán, who "are violent members" of that cartel in the coastal municipality.

All three are targeted by the US Department of trafficking drugs into the United States, as well as helping to orchestrate murders with high-powered weapons on behalf of the cartel.

Both "La Firma" and "La Gallina" were singled out by the Treasury Department "because they are foreign persons who materially assist, or provide financial, technological, goods or services support to that cartel."

Both could be behind the murder of the former governor of Jalisco, Aristóteles Sandoval Díaz, which occurred on December 18, 2020 in Puerto Vallarta, as well as the attempted murder, with high-powered weapons, of the Secretary of Public Security of Mexico City , Omar García Harfuch, which occurred on June 26 of the same year.

In addition, according to the Treasury Department, "La Gallina" is in charge of managing the company registered in Puerto Vallarta "Agricola Costa Alegre SPR de RL", which presumably sells agricultural, forestry and fishing machinery and equipment wholesale. The company was also booked by the treasury.

For its part, the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC for its acronym in English) designated "El Sapo" in 2019, (who has been head of that cartel in Puerto Vallarta and right-hand man of "El Mencho") as "responsible for major acts of violence," according to the US agency.

Although he is not identified as an alleged cartel operator in the coastal municipality, the Treasury Department points to Alejandro Chacón Miranda for organizing trips for members of that cartel and its allies, including trips that facilitate the movement of money and drugs through the company Dale Tours, listed by the federal authorities.

According to the US authorities, Chacón Miranda has close ties with "El Sapo".

So far, neither the Mexican nor the US authorities have reported the capture of these criminals.

On January 22, the arrest of "Don Carlos" was announced, designated by the federal authorities of Mexico as the leader and logistics operator of the "El Mencho" Cartel in Puerto Vallarta, who was also, allegedly, in charge of the supply of weapons and vehicles for the cells of the criminal group.

The detainee was placed at the disposal of the federal authorities of Mexico, considering that his apprehension meant "a significant blow to the structure of organized crime in the State of Jalisco," Sedena assured the day after the capture.

However, nothing is known about the whereabouts of "La Firma", "La Gallina" and "El Sapo", which is why the United States reports that they continue to operate in the coastal port of Jalisco.

Source: Informador


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