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Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Spring, Texas: Woman Wanted For Luring Jose Alfonso Villanueva To His Death By MS-13 Gang Members

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A $5,000 reward is up for grabs for information leading to the arrest of a woman accused of luring a man to be killed by MS-13 gang members.

Karla Jackelin Morales, 20, cut off her ankle monitor days before her trial set in October 2021.

"She helped plan and plot this vicious execution, and somebody out there knows where she is hiding," Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg said. "You can do the right thing by helping deliver justice for Jose's family, and you can collect a reward for your efforts."

Authorities said 24-year-old Jose Alfonso Villanueva was lured out of his home back in July 2018 when a friend, Morales, told Villanueva that she was going to give him marijuana for his birthday.

Villanueva got into a car with two MS-13 members and drove to a field that was about 500 feet from Lewis Elementary School in Spring.

At the field, several gang members attacked Villanueva. Francisco Amadeo Flores-Salazar later told authorities that he slashed and hacked the 24-year-old at least twice with a machete causing him to try to crawl away. Other MS-13 members then gunned Villanueva down because he was allegedly connected to a rival gang.

Villanueva had been hiding from the gang members, who were searching for him for allegedly disparaging the gang in a rap-music battle, according to authorities.

Flores-Salazar, 21, pleaded guilty on Oct. 18 in exchange for a 45-year sentence and four other gang members who slaughtered Villanueva have already been convicted and sentenced to prison. Morales is the last to face trial.

Morales goes by the nicknames "Cherry," "Karlita," "Missy," and "Foxy." She is 5 feet tall with a heavy build. She has black hair and brown eyes, as well as tattoos, including a large one on her upper left chest that reads "Alicia."

Morales was set for trial on Oct. 25. Prosecutors asked the court to set her bond at $250,000. The judge instead set it at $100,000. A district court judge later lowered the bond to $60,000 and waived the defendant's fees for an ankle monitor. She failed to show up for a hearing days before her trial was to begin and hasn't been seen since.

MS-13, or Mara Salvatrucha 13, is a transnational gang that originated in Los Angeles. The gang thrives in El Salvador and is known for extreme violence.

Crime Stoppers of Houston is offering a reward of $5,000 for information leading to the capture of Morales. Anyone with information on her whereabouts is asked to contact Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS.

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  1. Those pics of her at the top look like one of the Faces of Meth Progression billboards

  2. I heard el salvadors president was doing a crackdown on ms13 ..all locked up or dead

  3. Set up bitches shld be dealt with with the most severe consequences. No open casket at funeral. Cant trust this fucking hondureños guates salvodorenos nor mexicanos.

  4. You gotta be godamn dumbass horny to be lured anywhere by that hideous bitch!

    1. I don't think he was looking for sex, article states she lured him with promise of weed for his birthday.

    2. Unkown you jump to conclusions, before reading the article. Lured by weed, ya slipping.

    3. Mr Unkown pipi

      Reading comprehension 101.

    4. Read, dumbass. I could lure you over a cliff by putting a baseball cap on your head with a stick and a piece of string dangling down with a photo of cheeseburger just out of arms reach. Point you towards the cliff face, and watch you stumble and drool.

  5. Apparently some one has been hit with the ugly stick . How unfortunate . Im sure she prbly has a great perdonality though , good for her...

  6. First they need to remove the name foxy. Next they need to put the prosecutor and judge that lowered her bail in jail until she is found. Hint, look for someone hooked on drugs, blind and real drunk. Find that poor guy and you'll find her.


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