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Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Sinaloa Cartel's El Viejón Arrested in Mexico City With 42 Kilos of Cocaine

"Ivan" for Borderland Beat

The first official investigations indicate that "El Viejón", of the Pacific Cartel (Sinaloa Cartel), allegedly distributed cocaine from Ecuador and Colombia.

Matías Alberto, alias “El Viejón”, alleged drug and money distributor of the Pacific Cartel, was arrested this morning during a search of a home on Cienfuegos street at the intersection with Sierravista, in the Lindavista neighborhood, Gustavo A. Madero mayor’s office.

Photo Credit: TV Azteca

The first official investigations indicate that "El Viejón", 40 years old, originally from the state of Morelos, allegedly distributed cocaine from Ecuador and Colombia in Hidalgo, Tamaulipas and Mexico City.

The events occurred when the capital Police, the Mexico City Prosecutor's Office and the National Guard complied with a search warrant issued by a judge at a home where he allegedly hid and was the center of his operations.

Photo Credit: Milenio

In the building, 42 kilos of cocaine distributed in packages with cinnamon tape and two modified vehicles with hidden compartments to transport the drug and money were seized, reported the Ministry of Citizen Security.

El Viejón coordinate the distribution of narcotics and money

The accused, according to police intelligence sources, was in charge of coordinating the distribution of narcotics and money to said entities.

In addition, according to the information released through the exchange of information, it was learned that vehicles were modified in said building to transport the drug on highways and thus evade police checkpoints. With this information, the evidence was accredited to obtain the search warrant granted to the Public Prosecutor's Office.

During this morning, a coordinated operational deployment was implemented between National Guard personnel, members of the capital police and the Prosecutor's Office, in which they acted without the use of violence, the Secretariat of Citizen Security (SSC) highlighted in a statement.

Photo Credit: Pledge Times

Two firearms, useful cartridges, gram scales, a money counter, telephone equipment and money packed in plastic bags were also seized at the home.

The property was sealed and placed under police guard, while the investigations continue while the detainee was presented, together with the insured, before the agent of the Public Ministry in the Relevant Matters Investigation Prosecutor's Office, who will define his legal situation and will follow up the investigations.

Source: TV Azteca


  1. Have you noticed other cartels are getting hit,but very rarely CJNG, it's like they have a free pass, to do whatever they want, even if it means killing Innocent citizens.

    1. Uh, you think? How do you explain menchos wife, kids and inlaws being in prison or extradited?

    2. They are ALL getting FU@]<ED
      There are no winners in the drug game..
      Only AMLO and Narco governors are exempt from getting locked up..
      MANY crooked narcogovernors have been charged but NOT one has got prosecuted or gone to prison!!!@

    3. 116. You're an idiot. I can think of 2 governors that have gone to prison for corruption. Nayarit governor, Veracruz governor and Garcia Luna head of the national security department. This is grown up talk... Just be quiet with your ignorant ass pinche mocoso

    4. And two Tamaulipas governors are also in prison, and it looks like there's going to be a new addition to that squad(CDV) once his term is over, which isn't to far away

    5. Wich tanaulipas governors are in prison?
      The only one that I know is Duarte who took brives and stole ALL the funds from veracruz. He ONLY GOT SENTENCED TO 9 years..
      He still kept all his money and only had to pay a small fine..
      How is that justice? 🤔

    6. 3:48 abd 12:06 Tomas Yarrington? The guy who got sentenced for 3 year prison term and 5 years probation in the Great state of Texas? Lol
      You call that justice? Lol
      Fucking clowns 😄

    7. 3:48 no nayarit governors are in prison pendejo
      There is one that got snitched on by vereira but he's not in prison because he hasn't got sentenced.
      Your dumb ass probably thinks vereira was a governor lol

      The nayarit governor will get a slap on the wrist too, to make idiots like you happy and pretend like justice got served 😆

    8. As far as eugenio hernandez Flores. He is free and no longer in jail. He was released from orders of the elite government.
      I bet you dummies thought he would be serving life right now right 😆
      He has pending arrest warrants in the U.S for money laundering but not yet served, (wich won't)
      3:48 you can thank me later sweetie 😘 💕

      Just thought I clear things up, I don't talk out my nachos like most pendejos in this sight..
      Have a good day


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