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Monday, February 14, 2022

Sinaloa Cartel "Wants To Expand Its Presence In The CDMX Market": Omar García Harfuch

"Ivan" for Borderland Beat 

Omar García Harfuch, head of the CDMX Citizen Security Secretariat (SSC), assured that leaders of the Sinaloa Cartel have sent representatives to Mexico City to try to expand their presence in the narcotics market in the country's capital.

Questioned at a press conference about the attempts to enter the CDMX market by the criminal organization commanded by Mayo Zambada, García Harfuch stated that last year there were two arrests of subjects linked to the Sinaloa Cartel.

"Two arrests were recorded (at the beginning of 2021), but in December we had another four and in January we had two very important drug seizures, where they also have links with groups in the north of the country," he reported according to an Infobae publication.

The criminal organization already has a presence, he said, and it is estimated that it wants to expand its domain in the capital.“Specifically, we do believe that there is always a presence and an intention to enter the Mexico City market, but rest assured that we are alert to continue detaining these people,” said the official.

Due to the magnitude and strength of this type of criminal organization, they tend to have a presence in most Mexican entities with a drug dealing market, including the country's capital, García Harfuch mentioned.

“We believe that these large organizations have always had a presence in Mexico City and, since they are criminal organizations with great resources, they will always try to have more space in Mexico City,” he explained.

On February 5, a subject linked to the Sinaloa Cartel was arrested in Mexico City, as Josué Ramón "M", el Pollo, was captured by elements of the Secretary of the Navy (Semar) in the streets of the neighborhood from Tepito.

The arrest was carried out after the implementation of a joint security operation between the Navy and elements of the Attorney General's Office (FGJ) of the country's capital, through which eight more homes were searched in areas surrounding the building in the which "El Pollo" was found. During the operation, a perimeter was established in the streets of Granada, Gorostiza, Tenochtitlán, Toltecas and Avenida del Trabajo, in the Morelos neighborhood, which resulted in the arrest of two more men and a minor woman, who allegedly stored and they traded different types of drugs.

On the other hand, on May 15, 2021, SSC personnel in coordination with the FGJ-CDMX managed to complete an arrest warrant against Gilberto Pérez Camacho, el Mex, who served as a liaison for the Sinaloa Cartel in Mexico City. 

According to the information provided by the capital authorities, the Mex received drug shipments on tracks in the state of Puebla, which came from different parts of South America and were transported by Mexican and foreign pilots, who were under the orders of the alleged criminal.

Through the joint operation, CDMX police arrested two people of foreign origin and two Mexicans, who were accused of trafficking drugs by air; The address in which they were surprised is located in the Club de Golf housing complex, a property that was searched by security elements.

Around 120 doses and a package of cocaine were found at the scene, as well as 85 wrappers and a large bag of marijuana; three firearms and a computer, goods that were placed at the disposal of the Public Ministry.



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