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Saturday, February 5, 2022

Silao, Guanajuato: Authorities Dismantle CJNG Cell; Drugs, Weapons And Vehicles Seized

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The detainees are those that appeared in a video located in the community of Aldama, just outside of Irapuato.

The General Prosecutor's Office articulated efforts with Sedena, State Security Secretariat of the State, and the National Guard in an area of ​​precision, with intelligence information, seized three properties in the city’s center where detained a priority objective identified as Felipe de Jesús "N", alias "El R5" and his cell of 12 shock assassins. 

"El R5" and the group of members of a criminal cell appeared in a video during a tour in the Aldama community, which served the Ministerial Authorities to pinpoint their whereabouts in three homes located on Felipe Ángeles, 20 de Noviembre and La Paz streets, in the vicinity of the center of Silao.

In the first intervention site, elements of the Criminal Research Agency (AIC) and its reaction and intervention group (GERI), of the General Prosecutor's Office, with the support of employees of intervening corporations, achieved the arrest of Felipe de Jesus "N", who has an order of apprehension for the crime of qualified homicide.

And Antonio and Joanna Nathali "N", who were  in possession of thousands of drug doses of marijuana, meth, packed and labeled with initials from a criminal group; vehicles with reports of theft and forged vehicle identification numbers (recent model all terrain vehicles) long and short weapons; tactical equipment, magazines; helmets, among other instruments of crime.

In a second address, at the estate on 20 de Noviembre street in the Independencia neighborhood, the agent of the Specialized Public Ministry and Personnel of Forensic Services, shielded by the security operation, located cash, clear plastic resealable wrappers containing meth labeled with the initials referring to a particular criminal group.

They also packed short firearms, magazines, a wooden board that was used to hit and torture adversaries, cell phones, motorcycles and vehicles with reports of theft. The arrest of Ambrosio Tomás "N" and Blanca Patricia "N" was achieved. 

In a third place of intervention located on Calle La Paz, in the city’s center, Ziploc bags were located with meth inside, decals with the name and initials of the criminal group, bills of different denominations in cash, gram scales, recent model vehicles with forged vehicle identification numbers, cell phones, computers, among other indications.

Andrés "N", Marcos Alejandro "N", Víctor Hugo "N", Rubén Geovanni "N", Mario Damián "N", Andrea Del ​​Pilar "N", Viridiana "N" and Karen Daniela "N " were arrested at this address. They were made available to the jurisdictional authority, whom it corresponds to determine their legal situation.

El Sol de Bajío


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