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Thursday, February 10, 2022

San Luis Río Colorado, Sonora: An Extortionist Calls Demanding Money From Victim

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

A new video from the Mexican underworld is making the rounds online. For this broadcast a conversation between to males, an extortionist and a victim, takes place in the state of Sonora.

The belligerent extortionist is asking for money because of a misunderstanding that took place beforehand.

While the bullish criminal demands money to resolve the affront. The fearful victim contemplates the best course of action for the well being of his family. 

Video translation is as follows:

Extortionist: She confirmed that armed men went to the house and abducted a man close to your home.  Let me tell you something…

Victim: With all due respect boss. 

Extortionist: Look here sir let me speak, let me tell you something. You know how this situation goes. I don’t want to tie your wife up and abduct her. But I’m being told that she’s a well known businesswoman. 

Victim: Yes, yes boss. 

Extortionist: The order that I currently have is to go where you are and abduct you. To take your vehicle or car and keep everything that you have of value fool. This is something that I’m not going to do because I don’t like being an abusive person, I don’t like fucking up against our race. 

Victim: Of course not boss. We won’t say anything. 

Extortionist: I want your awareness on this matter sir. I want your full attention on this so that there isn’t any need to take you away tied up. Either you or your wife. Because the person who caused all this was your wife. Therefore, I need for you to hand over $2,500 so that I can leave you in peace. Otherwise, if we have to do this the hard way I’ll abduct you, your wife, or Jeanette. 

Victim: But boss I don’t have any of that money boss. I just don’t have any money like that boss. 

Extortionist: I don’t think there’s any need to… Ok, if you can’t hand over that money on nice terms then just let me know. And I’ll go and abduct your wife. And then request an amount of anywhere between 10-17 thousand dollars 

Victim: Well, I just don’t have that amount boss. I have $1000 but even then I don’t have that money in my hands right now boss. 

Extortionist: Look here bro. I don’t have time to be going in circles. I’m only going to tell you once. You’re going to hand over to me what you currently have available. Let me know what time I’m picking this up also you fool. Give me a time that I can come through for this. I’m giving you a chance. Because the truth is I can disappear you. Your bodies with a fucking narco message can be found afterwards on a dirt road somewhere due to you being a pussy about this. 

Victim: Boss I haven’t said anything. I just don’t have that money available boss. 

Extortionist: Look here bro. I’ve got intel within my hands, I’ve got an intelligence group. And if I’ve come to speak it’s because I already have what all I need. If you want to make matters worse let me know. I’m not going to be wasting my time. I’ll send a fucking armed criminal cell, an assault team to pick you the fuck up. You already know how this shit works. What do you think fool. We’re doing this the easy or hard way. If you do this the hard way shit will be worse. 

Victims wife: Hang the fuck up already. 

Victim: Boss, I have those $1000. But that’s about it because I don’t have anything more than that. 

Victims wife: Wow! I can’t believe this. 

Victim: Boss, I’d have that money for you tomorrow…

Muerte X Glorious Dead


  1. In the USA the 3 letter cartel uses similar extorsion tactics,
    it threatens to send a group of unemployed thugs to riot amd loot if a private business does not make a donation. Threats of labeling some one as a racist in exchage for monetary gains.

    1. 7:36 Das what happening in MINNEAPOLIS as we speak

    2. Rambo dislikes blm cause at a blm rally his momma got a train ran on her! Then later that night he finds out his lady was on that train to!

    3. Nooooo.He learned his Daughter is pregnant by a brother. Not her brother,a Soul brother.He would have been ok had it been her brother..

    4. Rambo you a smart man I just god my GED in county. English it’s my second language I have learn a little bit of American History most of it movies like kunta quentey ese morenito they where brought here against their will. Not me i jump the can’t chinga the system.. but it makes sense what you say sometimes BLM was put out there by powerful people to scam the system let be it’s a f up works after all be hapoy RLM

  2. I called Unkown. For money he said he had no money, but does have time to be on BB all day.


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