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Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Phoenix, Arizona: 375K Fake Fentanyl Pills, $70K In Cash, Guns Seized; 4 Men Arrested

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Police say four men were arrested in connection to a large drug trafficking operation in Phoenix.

Police say four men were arrested in connection to a large drug trafficking operation in Phoenix.

Phoenix Police say they worked with the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration on the investigation, which culminated on Feb. 7 when authorities served three separate search warrants in Phoenix and Avondale.

The total seizure from the search warrants yielded 375,000 fake M30 pills suspected to contain fentanyl, 190 pounds of methamphetamine, 12 pounds of marijuana, three pounds of heroin, over two kilograms of powder cocaine, and one kilo of powder suspected to be fentanyl. Additionally, over $70,000 in cash was recovered, along with seven guns and five vehicles.

Four men were arrested and booked into jail in connection to the operation:

* 37-year-old Victor Manuel Vargas, accused of multiple drug and weapons charges

* 28-year-old Jake Aldaco, accused of multiple drug charges

* 21-year-old Damien Roman Escobar, accuse of multiple drug and weapons charges

* 19-year-old Carlos Manuel Munoz-Garcia, accused of one count of possession of narcotic drugs for sale

"Thanks to the diligence of our officers and help from @DEAPHOENIXDiv and @marcoattorney, these drugs have been taken off the streets of Phoenix," police tweeted on Feb. 23. 

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  1. Arizona is the hot hub for Fent. distribution.

  2. Hi ya all
    I'm Big Nuts Truther but to tell the truth I have little nuts and I am a liar.

  3. Fellow think CDS is retailing in Phoenix or only wholesaling?

    I'm no narco expert like all of you.

    ALMO nuthugger

    1. Today I washed my car, got alittle dirty, after the rains, who is up for donuts?

  4. If you get busted for fake drugs you rank among the stupidest criminals of all time.

  5. Are Mencho's people trafficking in Arizona?

  6. At 6:16 bro the pills are fake prescription drugs!contain fentanyl...which are real drugs!!! Now that's pretty stupid

  7. Excellent 👍 catch alot of dents being made in Arizona. Big time in the slammer.

  8. Aren't these the fake m-30 pills that teens like to use? Since they are laced with Fent, that is what is killing, unsuspecting users.


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