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Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Olancho, Honduras: The Jalisco Cartel Responds To Menacing Threat

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

In a follow up to an article released by Borderland Beat an armed criminal cell from the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG) has responded to the threat. In their response they counter the portentous warning with minacious words as well. 

The 9 man team of Honduran assassins is resolved in their refusal to not back down from the opposing force. 

Currently tensions are extremely high in the underworld as both Mexican and Honduran nationals involved in the illicit drug trade are committed to warring with each other over an alleged loss of narcotics. 

Video translation is as follows:

This is a message that goes out to that small time trafficker known as Pepe. We’re already aware that you live in El Paraíso, Copán. We know that you live just outside of El Paraíso, Copán. We’re also aware that your house is orange in color. And that just outside of your front door there are 2 other houses there also. We already have you located you fucking dog. 

We will reprimand you and teach you how to respect the family. You’re not to mess with the mother’s of friends. You already know who we are. And we’re on our way towards you. We’re coming down from Peten (Valle de Angeles, Francisco Morazan, Honduras). We’re giving you 24 hours to retract what you said the day before yesterday you fucking piece of shit.

Nobody fucks with Mencho’s mob you son of a bitch. We’re gonna go fuck you up you dog if you don’t repent of your actions. This is your last warning, you’ve been advised you fucking faggot. Have the balls to receive us with your arms open. You son of a bitch we’re not going to betray you. 



  1. All that to threaten a small time trafficker... CJNG A JOKE

    1. If by joke you mean one the biggest drug trafficking syndicates in the world then yea your right vaca you know Cds is always punishing small time pushers on the border for loosing shitty weed loads disappearing ppl and what not

    2. Cuernavaca is the biggest CDS groupies in this blog..
      He's the biggest joke!

    3. 2:41 unkown you like to belittle CuernaVaca everyday must feel good. But when it's your turn be belittled you can't dish it out.

    4. Its an insult moron. Hes basically trying to insult the guy by calling him a small time trafficker. Attacking his imagine, ego and power by belittling him and the operations size.
      Pepe is a a huge narcotics trafficker in Honduras and is considered a huge threat in Honduras by both Govt forces and other traffickers.

      Youre probably one of those guys that believe Mencho or MZ are the ones who run everything in their cartels.
      Look up the definition of Cartel
      Mencho, MZ, Marro etc are simply like the boss of bosses within their cartel, manager so to speak. Face of their cartel or spokesmam. Its a bunch of Allies that band together to contol a market in this case the drug market.
      In Places like Honduras, Guatemala, Venezuela they simply ally themselves with existing narcos in which many times they operate using the cartels name
      Like Mencho and CJNG. It seems like Mencho loves when ppl talk about cjng and loves when new groups begin operating under his umbrella flying his flag and the infamous pwchera with the 4 letters on there. Notice all his criminal cells tend to have pecheras with CJNG on them. Hardly costs anything tocmake velcro CJNG tags .
      Rumors have it that CDG primito and los Metros now go by the name
      CDGN for short
      Its even mentioned in the new song they made for him by Luis R Conriquez

    5. 3:46 funK Y@U you and your little boy TOY Cuernavaca! 😆

    6. Yes Unkown
      Listen to Sosa you CuernaVaca hater. Some people in here also hate your rants about afganistan.

    7. @5:43.
      Interesting comment. Rather, plausible.

    8. 3:46 that's true he belittles those that he can easily manipulate. But when someone corrects his azz, he cry's like a baby.

    9. 8:13 that unkown dude should listen to Sosa. Instead of being a cyberbully.

    10. 7:54 cyber bully? 😆
      Have you read that idiot Cuernavaca post?
      He says nothing but nonsense l
      By the way there is not just one unknown pendejo!
      Just like there's not just one anonymous..
      you guys are really slow

  2. People of Honduras! Not to worry, CJNG is here to rid the country of theifs, extortionist, rapist and communist!

    CJNG Grupo Catracho

  3. Replies
    1. Say it ain't soooo! Not... El Eme Dos! 😭😭😭😭😭😭

      -michoachango cheerleader

  4. Off topic but any news on M2 supposedly being killed?

    1. Conflicting reports. Could be true. Or someone wants misinformation out there for their own well being.

    2. A little off topic... you think his baseball card is worth more now that he's dead? Lol.

  5. While CDSnitches is busy fighting each other, CJNG keeps expanding..

  6. CJNG is going to kill old mechanics in Honduras

  7. Sinapuerkas in 3..2..OINK OINK!!!!WIIITTT!WIITTTT!!!

  8. So who is this Pepe (real name) that they are referring to and is he big time or little time trafficker? Just wondering what all the back and forth is all about.

    1. Unkown I will show you my Pepe, the ladies love to play with Pepe. Lol

  9. Love to see these guys going after some groups in Texas. It would be an pay per view event and I’ll rent it.

  10. Michoacan capos have 2 or 3 lives
    El Mas Loco got killed 3 times 😆
    This guy has a few more lives to go


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