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Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Nuevo León: A New Criminal Cell Opposes The Authorities

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

A cartel that operates in the state of Nuevo León sends a message to Aldo Fasci, Samuel Garcia and the personnel in charge of the Monterrey prisons. They’re threatening to heat up the plaza if they don't heed their warning.

Video translation is as follows:

Samuel Garcia, you wanted to do a good deed by putting others in charge at the correctional facilities. Like with Jesus Hector Grijalva Tapia. And the security coordinator Othon Pedro Valadez Barroso. As well as the prison directors Carlos Orlando Rivera Camacho, Samuel Franco Polomo, and Juan Pedro Jiménez. Rounding out the female prisons is Faviola Cruz Selena Alvarez.

These individuals want to make their strategic moves as their carrying out their duties. Like with the charging of fees and the extortion of citizens. You're not going to contain a city with various inmates inside a cell. Without their blankets, portions of food, proper quarters, or forcing them to tend to their personal matters with the use of a bucket. You must stop already with these abuses.

Mr. Governor and you, Aldo Fasci, who want to stop the violence in the state of Nuevo León. As well in the prisons. These aforementioned individuals who are in charge of the prisons. The only thing they're provoking are conflicts. Mr. Aldo Facsi we’ve found out that the individuals we previously mentioned have made a list to transport people away.

If there are any prison transfers anywhere within the state I will heat up the state and the correctional facilities. If previously there were dead citizens within Nuevo León then there will now be more. The only thing that we want is peace. Sincerely, With An Advance Warning There Is No Betrayal

Demon G


  1. 2 drug busts in the same county over the past week

    1. Today I am going to traffic court to pay a fine, for not making a full stop at the stop sign.

    2. good how much time do you think you saved by not stopping at the sign did your day go better by running the sign will you stop next time or you will you continue to make the same idiotic mistake and pay the fine

    3. At 7:29 Mr Unkown
      Thanks for your interest
      You did not read clearly, jumping the gun.
      I did not do a full stop, I did not run the stop sign, there were no cars around(80% percent of the people do it), yes I learned to always come to a complete stop, even if no cars are around.
      Mr. Unkown it gives me great pleasure to tell you my traffic ticket for $280 was dismissed, the cop did not show up to court. 😃😃😷

  2. Wow criminals threatening prison employees. An all time low.

    1. They been doing that for decades from CDS to zetas

  3. So who are these people, what cartel do they represent?

  4. not new, same chapulines splintering off trying to start their own thing, hope they kill each other sooner than later


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