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Monday, February 14, 2022

Nieves, Zacatecas: Authorities Confirm Deaths Of 4 Individuals Abducted, Fifth Still Missing

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

An unfortunate outcome has surfaced for the abduction of five young individuals from the municipality of Nieves, Zacatecas

Another young woman has yet to be found; the four bodies left in a van outside a ranch in Genaro Codina have already been identified

In the early morning of Saturday, February 12, five young people from the municipality of Francisco R. Murgia we’re abducted. 

3 men and 2 women were kidnapped when they left a nightclub in the state capital, the assailants took them aboard the vehicle of one of the victims.

The investigation folder was immediately initiated by the Specialized Prosecutor's Office for the Care of Enforced Disappearance of Persons and Disappearances committed by Individuals, activating inter-institutional cooperation for the realization of the first search and location procedures of the young people; the Alba Protocol was activated for the female case. 

The search flyers issued following the failed search.

However, during Sunday, February 13, the vehicle in which the young people were traveling was located abandoned on State Road number 181 in the municipality of Genaro Codina, 4 bodies were found on board.

Once the vehicle was properly processed, the identities of the 4 young individuals abducted was determined. The bodies have already been fully identified and delivered to their relatives.

The Attorney General's Office is keeping the investigation open to collect the evidence necessary to integrate a line of investigation that leads to the identification of the person or persons who have participated in these events and to have them brought before the Courts.

Authorities have yet to locate one of the young females who disappeared in the early hours of Saturday

Out of respect for the privacy and rights of victims and their families, as well as for the confidentially that’s necessary for the success of the investigation. All police progress will be reported through official institutional channels at the appropriate time.

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  1. What police progress, they themselves are more likely doing the abductions.

  2. Lacras: doimg hoodrat shit with their friends for the jefe

    All These Lacras Moms:

    Mis hijos no eran malos. Mis hijos eran innocentes y se los llevaron los del cartel
    Regresa mis hijos! No era malo mi hijo! Era niño de bien

    Ahhh God bless a mothers love. Nothing like a Mothers love and comfort

  3. Can't imagine what the young lady is going through whenever she is, these cartel guys are low life scumbags.

  4. Typical Cjng they do this to heat up the Plaza that's the shit they would do in Guanajuato fucked up

  5. The 5th one set up the other 4 for who knows what reason . Happens all the time .


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