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Saturday, February 19, 2022

Navy Secures 3 Tons Of Cocaine And Detains 6 On The Coast Of Sinaloa And Baja California Sur

"Ivan" for Borderland Beat 

The Secretary of the Navy seized 3,000 kilos of cocaine and 5,000 liters of fuel and arrested six people in three operations in the Sea of Cortez.

The first action was carried out on February 14, after the persecution by air and sea of a vessel with two outboard motors and three crew members on board, who was transporting alleged illicit cargo, approximately 168 kilometers south of Cape San Lucas, Baja California Sur.

A belonging Interceptor Patrol secured the boat with 127 drums, of which 107 contained fuel, while the other 20 were empty, with approximately 5,000 liters of fuel seized.

The second action was carried out on February 15, after the detection of a boat with an outboard motor 188 kilometers northwest of Mazatlán.

The boat, which was carrying approximately 200 liters of fuel, arrived at the beach and was later secured by Marine Corps personnel.

The third and last action was also carried out on February 15 after an air unit belonging to the Mexican Navy detected a boat with three outboard motors and three crew members, who were transporting alleged illicit cargo approximately 125 kilometers to the southwest. from Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur.

Two aircraft from the institution located the vessel and at a distance of approximately 181 kilometers northwest of Mazatlán, an Interceptor Patrol secured it with three crew members on board, with approximately three tons of cocaine hydrochloride and six drums, approximately 100 liters of fuel.


  1. Probably going to the central coast. For years the Sinaloa cartel was landing loads from Baja area on the Refugio and Capitan State beaches loacted about q5 minutes from the semi small city of Goleta Ca. Years went by and they would report panga boats would be found abandoned, most likely didnt sink or didnt have time to after unloading, and they always referenced drug traffickers/weed but oh boy were they wrong. They were unloading tons of Crystal Meth destined for SB county and up (North) to the major distribution hubs, all the cities on the way up and so forth.
    About 2 years ago more or less that weed trafficking theory was proven wrong and in fact the feds and local law enforcement caught them unloading multiple tons of Meth directly from Mexico.. funny thing is they were all released with practically a slap on the wrist. The guy in charge of the load just claimed he was forced to by threats of death on him an his family if he didnt deliver this load and boom just like that they dropped the case
    Im guessing there was some political pull and corruption involved on this side of the border tho...

    1. Sosa I have an itch on my tummy, not sure if it's mosquito bite, or some wierd bug.

    2. Lol Sosa will be more than happy to give you a rub down.

  2. Michoacangos going down!
    -snitchaloa anonymous

  3. Robot dogs patrolling the US - Mexico border! LOL

  4. Sozap7g you need a geography lesson headed to the central coast of California when you're busted in the sea of Cortez? I live in the Southern California Beach city right by the border and cocaine bust on the water are very rare most of the boats coming from Mexico or carrying people and the only thing that goes to jail is usually the boat cuz no one's going to testify and the government doesn't want to hang on to a bunch of witnesses who are going to be around for 18 months!!

  5. Someone needs to take a course on geography who would take their boat loaded full of cocaine into the sea Cortez if they were planning on landing it on the Central Coast of California? It is very extremely rare to hear of any cocaine or methamphetamine bust off the coast of California!! And don't give me the b******* story that the government's paid off!!

  6. Some heads will be rolling on this one.

  7. WOW! Look what Mexico does with 1/1000s of the budget!


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