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Saturday, February 12, 2022

Monterrey, Nuevo Leon: Who Is The Alleged "El Ruso" From The Cartel de Sinaloa Arrested

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

An alleged leader of hitman of the Sinaloa Cartel nicknamed "El Ruso" was arrested during an operation between State and Federal authorities east of the city of Monterrey, Nuevo León.

Eduardo, "El Ruso", around 30 years old, as he was identified by a source close to the investigations of the case.

According to the informant, "El Ruso" is considered just as violent as Alan Ervey, "El Cano", who is also designated as the leader of a cell of the Sinaloa Cartel in the metropolitan area and was arrested on January 18, of this year.

Eduardo was arrested at noon on Tuesday, February 8, at Ruiz Cortines and Antonio I. Villarreal, in the Moderna neighborhood, because he had made threats against investigating authorities.

Elements of the Ministerial Police, Civil Force, National Guard and military stopped him, he didn’t refuse a search of his vehicle, they found doses of drugs, of which no quantity or type was specified.

Later "El Ruso" was placed at the disposal of the Public Ministry for the possession of a gun and drugs, however he is being investigated for the crimes of criminal association and homicide, but until yesterday no arrest warrant had been issued.

According to an informant, "El Ruso" operated as a leader of assassins in the metropolitan area and his cell was established in the regional municipalities of Guadalupe and Juárez. It wasn’t specified whether he was under the orders of "El Cano", if they operated together or each to their own his cell.



  1. Pinches sinaloas todos se creen rusos

    Puro chapo o Russo se apodan 🤣

  2. Señor Sicario 006 can you share some intel on this operator ,such as tactical training,firearms used and what assasin team he was assigned to.

  3. This isn’t the same el ruso in Mexicali. This guy is in Nuevo León. Some videos of him shooting in the jungle and coming out of a parked car but does not look like this guy. Same thing happened with el Diablo from CD Victoria from Cdg. They caught some different cdg el Diablo with a different name that was different from the videos(of his fam getting killed by zetas)from Monterrey years ago and said that is was the same guy. Either way none really knows till they catch someone, but even then the govt screws up all the time. Any insight?

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    6. 3:31 incarcerated Lives Matter.

    7. Sinaloa is a beautiful state that is much more than just drug trafficking and nobody is claiming russia just because el Ruso is called that you are too sucked into the drug game trust me real Sinaloans are honest hard working people same goes for whatever state you represent people like you is what's wrong with Mexico

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  5. Looking like he wanted to get arrested with that dumb move.


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