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Thursday, February 3, 2022

Military Operation Attacked in Tepaltepec, Leads to Arrest of 15

"Itzli" for Borderland Beat

15 cartel members were arrested in the wake of attacks against military forces in Tepalcatepec, Michoácan.

On January 20, 2022, as previously reported by Borderland Beat, the Mexican military took control of the Tepalcatepec-Coalcomán highway in Michoácan, which had been damaged seven months prior, allegedly by members of the Cártel Jalisco Nueva Generación (CJNG), which sought to inhibit movement in the area. It was also announced that additionally military personnel would be moved in to reinforce security tasks in the state.

Thereafter, Inter-Institutional Operations Bases (BOI) were set up at various points on the Tepalcatepec-Coalcomán highway. Manned by personal of the Army (SEDENA), National Guard (GN), Michoacán State Police, and State Attorney General's Office (FGE), this mix of federal and state forces began inspecting vehicles at these checkpoints, looking for stolen vehicles, weapons, and drugs, as well as well as conducting patrols to bring security to the area.

Borderland Beat reported on Saturday, January 29, 2022 about breaking news of SEDENA soldiers being attacked by armed forces in Loma Blanco, located in the municipality of Tepalcatepec. Since then a number of details have emerged, though there are still aspects that remain unclear and, at times, contradictory depending on the source.

It appears that, on said morning, BOI forces set out, possibly in two groups, to various towns in the municipality of Tepalcatepec, including Loma Blanca, El Bejuco, El Casangue, Los Horcones and El Colomo. The nature of the deployment varies among reports; some say that they were conducting patrols as part of general security reinforcement and others that they were to clear roadblocks that were set up by cartel forces.

The official statement by SEDENA does little to clarify, stating the BOI forces set out "with the aim of facilitating trafficability, social peace and the rule of law, as well as creating the conditions to allow 1,182 inhabitants to return to their homes, 950 hectares of sugar cane to be harvested and the extraction of other regional products”.

According to the officials, BOI forces were attacked on four separate occasions during Saturday morning, although confusion remains as to the timing and exact locations of these attacks.

In at least one of these occasions, BOI forces crossed paths with cartel members who threw explosives at them and began shooting from armored vehicles. As a result of the clash (or clashes), nine cartel members were arrested along with nine rifles, tactical equipment, and two armored vehicles. The exact organization to which these criminals belonged to has not been released but some reports state that they were members of the CJNG.

Another event taking place this morning, which is apparently being counted as one of the attacks on BOI forces, took place in the town of Loma Blanca, video of which has spread on social media. BOI forces were confronted by angry citizens who claimed that innocent civilians had been killed by the BOI. As tensions increased, the citizens began confronting BOI members with sticks and stones and possibly bottles of gasoline. The BOI forces fired shots on the ground while others pointed their weapons at the men while asking them to leave. A helicopter appeared at one point, flying low to scatter the crowd.

Six civilians were arrested in connection to this event, which officials indirectly blamed on cartels, calling them “members of their social base”.

The following day officials stated that ten soldiers were injured and one SEDENA vehicle was damaged during the day’s events.

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  1. It would really be great if they kept the 15 locked up, as a reduction of Homicides would happen but after a hefty bribe, they are let go, even thier weapons are returned.

  2. El abuelo and viagras have some strange tactics 🤔
    They blow up drones, make land mines and kidnap all in the name of CJNG..
    NAVY knows that but abuelo pays them well so they look the other way

    1. You don't even make no sense...So according to you, Abuelo and Viagras do all these things you mention and blame it on CJNG, then they pay'em off to look the other way....Ha! You do know that CJNG has been attacking/ambushing and killing Police, Army, and other law enforcement elemnts for years now. In one incident they ambushed and slautered 15 police elements. In another they shot down an army or navy helicoptor. The list goes on and on. But you're pretty much saying it wasn't CJNG on these incidents?...What does Abuelo and Viagras have to gain by doing that??? Army is already there running CJNG out of towns and so on. The only thing that they gain by that is possibly being found out and having the Army come down on Abuelo & co. harder. Why would they risk that if their desire to have the army crack down on NG in that area is already going on. Maybe you know or see something I don't...Maybe you got plugs and contacts all up and down the area, your enlightenment would be much appreciated...Or maybe you're just biased and speaking out of your arse. I don't know, I'ma have to contemplate on this. Which could it be.

  3. A Michoacanos worst enemy is not the government, an outside cartel, it's another michoacan. They are setting up land mines now, they fuck up the roads, they turn off the power on the neighboring towns, they disrupt the communication services, they attack the military, de por si estan jodidos and they start taxing the aguacateros, the lemon growers, the strawberry farmers, small businesses. To top it all off they come on BB throwing hissy fits and resort to name calling when you point out the facts.

    1. You repeating the same again, you hissy fit.

    2. Your clueless boy..
      I suggest you learn about michoacan cartel tactics before you start your repetitive nonsense..
      you seem pretty ignorant so I bet you won't look into it.

    3. 1020 you're not even mexican.

    4. @1101 Am I clueless? Enlighten me. But before you do, go ahead and read this article. It describes how michoachangos are michoachangos worse enemies.

    5. 12:19 un michoacano se cojio a tu vieja y lla estas amargado tirandole a Los michoacanos jajaja.. get over it bro

    6. 157 Lmao. My point exactly. Michoachangos resort to hissy fits name calling and stupid comebacks like yours when your hit with the facts. You know why you come up with your retarded comebacks, because you can't argue everything I point out. Your defense is, " a michoachango fucked your vieja" lol. Ya que no hayas la puerta salen con puras pendejadas, te digo VALI.

    7. I'm a Michocano....but you are Absolutely correct.. That's why I support CDS .... Order is more important than any one man's life... Lack of order with Mencho.

    8. 8:39 you ain't no michoacano pendejo lol
      You are from Cuernavaca, did you forget you put it as your name for comments? 😆
      You talk about control with cds? Yea they have so much control people are scared to talk about them in the news or even amongst themselves. The states they have under control have a high femicide rate.In Sonora and sinaloa young women get killed on a regular by CDS..
      Control? Those pendejos are fighting each other 😆
      The sell meth to little boys and have the streets flooded with meth.. but according to you, CDS is a good cartel 😄

      7:35 it's obvious you hate on michoacanos for a reason. That's probably the reason you keep talking shit about michoacanos. Every state is a mess but it's not because of "snitchaloas" or "michoacangos"
      It's AMLO and his little nuts and pendejos like you that point the finger on the wrong direction.
      If AMLO grew some balls and decided to attack the cartel problem and make a change he could do it. He has the resources but instead he let's Cartels operate freely ALL OVER 🇲🇽..

    9. 832 as soon as anyone points out the facts you call it hating. How am I hating? Did you read the article? It reinforces one of the many points I make. Michoachangos extort the avocado growers. That's not hating, it's a fact pendejo.

  4. Does anyone understand why a Mexican is never considered very intelligent! What a mess the low IQ create!

    1. Does any really know why you have little nuts truther.

    2. So a person that is obviously immature and ignorant with such a crude self-assigned nickname wants to comment about Mexicans and IQ on an article written by a Mexican who was Salutatorian at his high school and graduated Magna Cum Laude from university? Irony much??

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    4. Itzli, 👍👌, vrry well said. Loved your comment 👏👏👏👏bravo.... And "Big Nuts Truther" (whatever Truther supposed to mean, and you speak of low IQs, the madness) You don't have to over compensate on the names, everybody alredy knows the Truther, I mean the truth🤏. No need to hide it anymore, over compensate, feel insecure, or any less of a man (or woman). Nature's like that sometimes, one can't control it.


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