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Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Michoacán: Cartel Jalisco Send Message To Governor Alfredo Ramírez Bedolla,

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Alleged members of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG) address a statement to Alfredo Ramírez Bedolla, Governor of Michoacán. "He must comply with his pact to disarm the fake Self-Defense Forces and the Los Viagras, like El Abuelo Farías, Poncho and "El Gordo" of the United Cartels". 

Video translation is as follows:

Mr. Governor Alfredo Ramirez Bedolla for the state of Michoacán. We ask in the most attentive way that you fulfill your agreement in disarming the fake self defense groups and ending those filthy Los Viagras. 

That was the agreement that we had beforehand. Stop supporting all those filthy individuals, thieves, kidnappers, and extortionists. As are El Abuelo Farias, his sons Ponchó and Chava, Poncho la Quiringa, Gordo Viagra. 

Let’s do away with this trash that’s only ruining our state of Michoacán. If your objective is the same as ours in doing away with all this trash. Then stop receiving money from them and let’s get to work. 

Stop supporting them by sending the government to attack us. And we can take care of the rest. This also goes out to all the mayors that are supporting these fucking thieves and who won’t get with the program. Do your jobs and don’t receive money from them. 

For this very reason the state is now full of homicides, robberies, kidnappings, extortions, and fee collections. The dirty United Cartels need to come on out to fight. Where’s all that bravery you guys are supposed to have? The only thing y’all seem to do is hide behind the government. 

Mr. Governor don’t support these scumbags anymore. Lets do away with kidnappings, extortions, homicides, and fee collections. Don’t forget the arrangement you had with us. Get back to doing your job and start cleaning your name and state. 

Let’s do away with those filthy United Cartels so that we can have peace again in the state of Michoacán. This directive also goes out to all the police corporations who are aiding all these scumbags. We’re coming after everyone. 

Just give me a chance so that my men can operate for several months. Without the federal or state government assisting that crew of faggots El Abuelo and Poncho la Quiringa to hit our mob. And we the Jalisco New Generation Cartel will dismantle that mob of kidnapping scumbags. 

Because the truth is that you the state and federal government haven’t stopped helping those scumbags to attack us. I won’t be leaving the state of Michoacán either. But instead I’ll keep fighting with my men until I reach my objective. 

And that is to have a Michoacán free of kidnappings, robberies, and extortions. In short a Michoacán free of scumbags. Long live the 4 letters cartel. 

Sicarios all scream: Long live the Jalisco New Generation Cartel! Long live Mr. Mencho!



  1. Lol pinches jaliscos
    Must be Casual friday.

  2. Pic 1 bottom left→ are the two in the middle holding hands?

    Canadian girl💋

  3. Sounds like a parent warning their kids about playing with the wrong crowd. The fact he is squirming reeks of desperation. Not a good look for ANY cartel

  4. No mames.. their trying to twist the Governors arm for him to disarm the Rival cartels... lame...what they can't seem to do it themselves? Kinda starting to look soft..

  5. Stupid everyone accuses each other of being kidnappers, extortionist... ect

  6. They went from being the baby killer cartel and killer of the elderly to now being the crybaby cartel

  7. Since when it became ok To Snitch On The Enemies on a camera and even say you made agreements with the Government 🤔 and theres still people who look up to these so call " Macho Man " 🤦
    📌Donbass Ukraine 🇷🇺

  8. Damn these Cjng guys looking Alot younger and skinnier these days lmao these so called elite guys looking really scrawny and a little meth head looking lmao mencho people really leaving him foreals

  9. These CJNG guys really are nut cases, they want the government to disarm the Self defense forces. So they want to be the only ones with weapons, I can't wait for the day when I'll read an article that says "The CJNG has been wiped out".

    1. Yes Jim I understand your logic and agree with it. This same thing happened in the past.
      Dr. miralres had formed a self defense group to protect the townspeople,bit worked for a while, until a cartel name unkn, asked the government to disarm the self defense group, would you believe, government sent in the military to disarm them, put in prison mirieles for two years under weapons charges, was brainwashed. It will repeat itself, CJNG will offer bribes, once again government Will send in the troops. That's why everyday Mexico is going downhill.

    2. Mr. Brown
      Here's what I would do, I am sure will get badazz replies from keyboard warriors.
      I would set up a team of experienced, shooters, ambush a group of a cartel, make sure they are dead, leave the area on noticed.

  10. A Michoacanos worst enemy is not the president, the governor, the military or another cartel its another Michoacano. Michoachangos extort small businesses, avocado, lemon and strawberry farmers, destroy roads, communication services, plant land mines and drop drone bombs. They create fake autodefensas to disguise their criminal activities, cry for military intervention and greet the soldiers with violence. They are responsible for the illegal logging of an endangered tree in Michoacan, and as a result they are endangering the monarch butterfly population. But don't point out these facts because a michoachango will accuse you of being a Snitchaloan.🤣🤣🤣

    1. Your logic is off. You act like all Michoacanos do this and as if it's only Michoacanos that do this. There are people from other states that use the same tactics in one way or another. Also, I have a question for you...Why the derogatory name calling? Noboxy is baiting you on, you're not responding to nobody's insult. Those things I would understand (but "try" to refrain from responding in kind myself). Usually that's a sign that something has been done to that individual by someone from that state, country, ethnicity, etc. or a sign of a very low IQ. Minus the derogatory words, your post doesn't sound brainless. But honestly, with them they do. There's no need for it. Be better then that. It seems like you got the mind to do it.

    2. 10:08 This is the Michoacango Troll. Reddit kid, always with the same phrase.

    3. @1100 I'm glad my comments get under your skin. Hopefully my comments will motivate the michoachango community to improve their shitty circumstances. It's a shame, michoacan is over run by so many gente corriente. Que dios los ayude.

    4. This is a good example of the troll that comes in every day to bash Michoacan, as if we don't know of his daily rants.

    5. 1210 only when the opportunity lends itself. 🤪😗.

    6. @myhumbleopinion I like you and although I may not agree with you on everything you say I've always kept it cordial. I've never resorted to insulting you and if I don't agree with your statement I'll just keep it moving. No harm no foul. Let's keep it that way.

      As far as my logic being off goes, I don't think so. Everything I mention can be found on this website. They're not lies or assumptions, they can all be found in past articles....
      You can't compare Michoacan to Colima, Zacatecas, Guanajuato, Tijuana or Chihuahua where multiple cartels are responsible for the crimes taking place. Sure there are assholes in every state, country and culture but, in Michoacan, it's as I mentioned. Michoacanos are committing these crimes against their own population. In their situation, you can not pin the blame on an outside cartel. Hence, they're their own worst enemies. If my statement doesn't apply to you then don't bother with it. The people who are triggered by what I say are usually trolls and cheerleaders. In many cases they are the ones who insult YOU when you make comments that they don't agree with. Anyway, wish you well, I think you bring good dialog to this arena. Keep it up and don't let the bullshit get you down. (Mine included)

    7. 155 "The people who are triggered by what I say are usually trolls and cheerleaders."

      Point proven. 😁😉

    8. 2:49
      Ya just being a nutts case like homeboy Truther. Ya vatova dumbass sitting on mom's basement, hiding behind the laptop. Ya fool.

  11. Fukn hilarious... They are trying to twist the governors arm to do , what they can't do themselves

  12. It’s very important to have a descent and organize government that can protect their own citizens. Once they see criminals in groups, just send a drone and load them once and cabommmmmmmmm.


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