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Monday, February 7, 2022

Mayor of Contepec, Michoacan Enrique Velazquez Orozco was Assassinated

 "Socalj" for Borderland Beat

Enrique Velázquez Orozco, mayor of the municipality of Contepec in Michoacán, was found dead after missing for several days.

The municipal president of Contepec, Enrique Velázquez Orozco, who was found dead this afternoon on a property in the town of El Jacal, belonging to that municipality, was assassinated. The finding was recorded this afternoon when the Municipal Police received the report of the lifeless body of a man who had gunshot wounds. The officers immediately moved to the aforementioned property where they found the mayor dead, who had several bullet wounds.

The staff of the Michoacán Prosecutor's Office also arrived at the site, which began the first investigations in relation to the crime of municipal president Enrique Velázquez Orozco. Subsequently, the body was transferred to the Forensic Medical Service of the entity, where it was identified as Enrique Velázquez Orozco, mayor of the entity, who had not been reported missing by his relatives despite the fact that he had not been seen since the last Saturday, February 5th.

According to the testimonies of his loved ones, it was expected that he would return home on his own feet, so they decided not to report his absence to the authorities.

Likewise, it was reported that state authorities are already investigating the incident since they have traveled to the place where the body was found to collect evidence that will help clarify the crime committed against the official.

Sources PrimeraPlana Infobae


  1. How much does a Mayor in Mexico make?? Why would anyone want to even run for the position? How long before a sitting Presidente gets taken out?

    1. He won't get taken out, he is in collusion with Cartels, that keep bringing in bribes...wake up.

    2. My point isnt in regard to Amlo.Sooner or later a no bullshit President will get elected on his tough on Cartel promises. Then we will see how fearless these Cartels are when they take action of retribution against a sitting Presidente.

    3. 912 top azz
      You said sitting president.
      Obrador is the current sitting president, and he is doing nothing whatsoever about Homicides and Cartels.
      He is busy buying homes in USA and luxury cars for his family.
      We all know he can't afford to purchase von his salary. But the bribes that come in from cartels he is a happy man.

    4. I stayed that AMLO is not a politician who will be in danger. I said at some point a tough on Cartel crime fighter will inevitably be elected on his tough on crime platform and once that happens s current sitting Presidente will get clipped. AMLO plays ball like so many of his predeçessors which is of course his get out of jail cars.

    5. They make alot of money under the table .many times if not all the time the local politicians like presidentes municipales and local politicians in general and local chief of police are themselves in the narco game. Ate jefes de plaza or jefe de sicarios. But mostly they are RELATED by blood or marriage or compadres to the narcos. Its how they operate to completely sew shit up from illegal to legal. Look at Tepeque. The "mayor" there is Allegedly Abuelos Cuñada. Sister to Abuelos first wife.
      Look at Chico Jaramillo Aka El Sereicito.. his cousins and brother and uncles are all local politicians. Currently his cousin is the most powerful politician in his bastion and he operates freely because he enjoys his cousins political protection
      Meanwhile his cousin is probably just as involved im the narco game as he is only he has to hide it better
      His cousin was running for mayor somewhere in Michoacan ans during his campaign the DEA put him on their most wanted list lol. In a vice doc they speak about it and interview him. He denies the allegations but anyone with common sense can out 2 and 2 together.
      Look him up Jaramillo family out of Michoacan. They all look very similar
      Itll show the legal and illegal side of that family. They have another last name they go by but i forget what it ism but look it up and youll see

    6. 7:03 you're full of crap.
      Michoachangos Cjng going down.

  2. The Mayor would not work with the he got Plata o plomo.

  3. Normal days in Mexico where people getting chop up and political killings and I don’t want to forget the most dangerous country for journalist. Mexican government must be so proud. Hope this crap doesn’t come to our Michigan neighborhood. God I hope not.

    1. Mr. Hotdog 6 inches
      I regret to inform you that Mexico is #1 on the world for Homicides.
      Also #1 in curuption.
      Is ALMO doing anything about it....NO nada.

    2. Plenty of corruption in the US. Rules for thee not for me. How does every congress member amd often their families become wildly rich making $200,000 a year as a public servant/parasite.

    3. Finesse - I’ll take my chance living in the USA. My chances of reaching 80yrs of age is greater than in Mexico . I want to keep my limbs and heads:


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