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Thursday, February 17, 2022

Ixtlán del Río, Nayarit: Compadre Of Chino Norte Killed Earlier Today

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Likewise, among the deceased is an element of SEDENA.

The alarms went off this morning in the vicinity of the municipality of Ixtlán del Río, located in the Southern Zone of Nayarit after a strong armed confrontation.

When alerted to multiple firearm reports in Zaragoza and Luis Castillo Ledón streets, near a café called "El Piloncillo", elements of the various police forces quickly arrived at the scene to find the bodies of at least four deceased people.

Later the names of three people who died in this violent event that shook terror in the south would be announced. According to the reports, it is the former candidate of the Citizen Movement of that municipality, Jesús Arámbul “El Chikis”, as well as the 1st Infantry Captain of the Ministry of National Defense, Joaquín Alberto García Huitrón and Juan Francisco Arámbul Durán, 23 years old, who was originally from Ixtlán del Río and is allegedly the son of "El Chikis".

It transpired that both the infantry captain and the young Juan Francisco were aboard a Jeep truck, which was left with multiple bullet wounds. On the other hand, details of the fourth individual executed are still unknown, it is expected that they will be announced in the next few hours.

Warning: Graphic Video

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  1. wtf chino norte just shouted him out... unless hes was in on it ...its crazy how complex this life is.. it cant be a coincidence that he shouts him out then he dies after...something dont add up

    1. Looks like chino Norte needs a new plug huh

    2. If u see that video you can see one of the guys to the left still wearing a vest that says CJNG

  2. Maybe Chiklis crossed CJNG and got smoked.

  3. Chino norte is next lmao.. supposedly chikis flipped and this was the result.. alot of movement in nayarit too. I guess a couple of comandantes trying to abandaon ship

  4. Chikis tried to flip on cjng & jardinero sent 40 trucks to clean chikis plaza


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