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Wednesday, February 16, 2022

El Mencho Alleged Death Spreads through Online Messages

“Itzli” for Borderland Beat

Two different online messages fuel rumors that El Mencho, leader of the CJNG, is dead.

La Vaca vs CJNG

In recent weeks, José Bernabé Brizuela Meraz, alias La Vaca, a former high ranking member of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG) broke away from the organization along with his cell, Los Mezcales, announcing the formation of the Independent Cartel of Colima on banners, as previously reported by Borderland Beat.

Fighting between the two groups rocked the state of Colima as both sides targeted each other, leaving behind a flurry of messages. In particular the CJNG focused on calling themselves the owners of all of Colima and repeatedly calling La Vaca’s group Los Mezcales. 

In turn, it seems that the name Los Mezcales had become a point of contention as La Vaca would go on to write a message, as previously reported by Borderland Beat, against Julio Alberto Castillo Rodríguez, alias “El Mayate” and Aldrin Miguel Jarquín Jarquín, aliases “El Chaparro” and “El Chaparrito”, among others, shaking off the name Los Mezcales and declaring some to be working under the Sinaloa Cartel (CDS) banner or, at the very least, claiming affiliation to them.

The Online Message

On the evening of Wednesday, February 9, 2022 a long message, purported to be from La Vaca, was published on Facebook and it was claimed that this very message had been circulating via WhatsApp prior to this, a translation of which follows:

Citizens of the State of Colima, 

Do not believe everything that is being sent in the [Whatsapp] groups because there are people who just want to intimidate you with fliers. I am from here in Colima and I am willing to fight for my state.

I do not like to go around doing things publicly, as those of the CJNG like to do, because these people are pure publicity and they want to scare the people of Colima; wanting to implement curfews. 

Do not believe that they are going to do something without warning and I want to tell everyone that I have more than 100 people to fight and I do have the balls to drag myself into this and put out my nickname. My name is “Berna” and they nickname me “La Vaca”. I am 100% Colima citizen and I am willing to die fighting.

Come out Jaliscos. Yesterday at 97 Agata Street, we swooped down on them and they ran out and left me their rifles, their drugs, their money and even a car that I got to leave with. That's how you fight, not with innocent people. 

Here, it's stubborn asshole against stubborn asshole. He who is brave doesn’t go about putting out public messages to intimidate the normal people because the problem is between all of you and us, you bunch of traitors.  

And now nobody is afraid of you because Mencho is dead. The support has ended faggots because El Mencho was the one who was respected. 

Who is going to respect you, little kids with shit covered assholes? And you say that: you don’t mess with the townsfolk, you don't mess with the normal people, you don't charge extortion fees, you respect the families, you have loyalty. You say that and you do the exact opposite, you sons of bitches. 

You should put out a publication about where and at what time we can meet up and fuck each other up so you faggots can see the power you are fighting against, sons of bitches. And I am already demonstrating what a real fucking fight is and I am not going to kill innocent people. I’m swooping down on all of you and everyone that helps you I am going to fucking kill.

But I reiterate, to the innocent people, I won’t get involved with your families, because you also have [innocent people], or Julio Castillo Rodriguez, doesn’t your son play soccer in the stadium of the Chivas? Do you want to see how much of an asshole I am when I hit him head on? If you mess with innocent people I am going to hit your family. 

Because there are people who don't like you, because you are very gossipy and a betrayer; and those people give me addresses to your homes. And even if you change it, I have people infiltrated in with you because there are people who don't like you. As an example, your house in Los Encinos. And even if you change your house or cars, even so, they will tell me.

Stop fucking around. It would be better to fuck each other up because leaving flyers and poster boards is childish, dude. Did you not learn anything from your father-in-law?

And just so you know, I am not afraid of you nor El Chaparro nor any of those you bring with you. 

Throw at me the fiercest person you have so you can see, faggot. But say where and at what time and we will be there so you can see that the people from here have balls, faggot. 

Don't shoot in the air. Your people don't even know how to shoot, son of a bitch. I swooped down on you at a house and the only thing your people knew how to do was come out running and leave the rifles behind. But send me only people like that and thanks a lot for the rifles you left me, and the knockoff designer gucci and Luis Vuiton clothes, buy authentic dumbass I thought money falls on you from the sky, you pay your people very little for money to fall on you from the sky dude.

Don’t confide in your family member because they will flip on you, they told me to flip on you but I didn’t want to dude these dudes in your family are going to flip on you. 

But you are a dumb ass for following along with what they say, when they no longer need you they will do the same to you that they wanted to do to me, come close to me to kill me.

But what they don't know is that I have friends that are infiltrated with them, I was in the Altiplano 7 years, I know a lot of people and they warned me and to get ready relative because the day you are not useful to them or you don't obey them, like the day I didn't obey them in doing something to Indira, they will want to send el julio and el chaparro to you relative, because they are the ones that killed the judge Uriel Villegas and they threw the problem on me but handled the shit.

I know that it was them, they will do the same to you relative, don't believe them.

I reiterate I am La Vaca and I am not independent, I have support but not against you all because against you all, I can handle it myself, because to me you are baby chickens, because my balls are so big they drag the ground and I always have my rifle hanging on me faggots and stop this bullshit of sending out flyers, I like to fight, not read your stupid bullshit and stop trying to intimidate the townsfolk, the people are not to blame for this.

Mencho’s Death According to La Vaca

In many ways this message resembles the other two long, rambling messages from La Vaca that appeared in physical form in Colima, with Julio Castillo Rodriguez and El Chaparro being named, as well as the major reason for La Vaca leaving the CJNG being the order to kill Colima governor Indira Vizcaíno Silva.

Among the unique parts of the online message are La Vaca mentioning his time in Altiplano prison, which is a verifiable fact, as well as the killing of Uriel Villegas, a judge who had previously presided over the case of Rubén Oseguera González "El Menchito", son of CJNG leader Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes "El Mencho", as previously reported on Borderland Beat, which was later blamed on the CJNG, as Borderland Beat reported in a separate article.

Surprisingly, the message merely references the alleged death of El Mencho in passing, stating:

“And now nobody is afraid of you because Mencho is dead. The support has ended faggots because El Mencho was the one who was respected.“

Despite this being significant news, the message never mentions it again and in the days immediately thereafter the message flew under the radar for the most part.

Mencho’s Death According to Local News

By the weekend the “news” of El Mencho’s death reached a fever pitch as another line of rumors opened up, this time allegedly from “local and independent news groups from Guadalajara”. Through second hand reports it appears this line of information contains a few key points:

  • El Mencho died in a private hospital in Guadalajara

  • His death was due to respiratory failure

  • Hitmen and heads of plaza have been using social media to spread the news and are using the phrase “The heir is coming”


At this time it is quite difficult to judge the validity of El Mencho’s death, especially in light of the fact that stories of El Mencho dying have spread online several times over the years, only to be proven false.

The key question through all this is whether or not El Vaca’s passing reference merely inspired the Guadalajara local reports, or if each of them stemmed from a separate line of information, thus increasing the chances that the news has some validity to it.

Sources: Denuncias Politicas Colima, La Voz de Michoacán


  1. Seems strange that there hasn't been any violent activity concerning El Mencho's wife, who was captured about 3 months ago, efforts to free her, etc.

  2. Sounds like La Vaca has big balls to fight off CJNG, I need to see the action to believe it.

    1. Tattoo shops are busy, CJNG are getting tattoos with CJNG removed, looks like they are becoming grasshoppers.

    2. Pretty sure vaca wouldn't of never been shit with out Mench dead or alive and Anonymous stfu you full of shit

    3. Lmao does mencho pay your bills??? Dumb ass dick rider

    4. Billy Jean CJNG nutthugger.
      We are not in Cuba, Nicaragua, not China, we are very great full for freedom of speech.
      You can cuss us out all you fuken want.

  3. Replies
    1. Pendejo es solo una vida y no es plural... Quitale la S

    2. SDSORET San Diego Sorento
      Viva la vida loca

    3. @11:16 callate el osico joto, traga vergas.
      Me da mi pinche gana de escribilo de esa manera y que?

    4. No puedo respirar! No justicia, no Paz! Hola commandante!

  4. Let's see how strong that vaca guy is
    He is EITHER stupid or has power to go against CJNG
    There is a bunch of michoacan capos being exposed lately. They are usually low key and don't like attention for the most part.
    Mencho liked the attention he got from being feared but not in the way of being flashy.

    1. Cuernavaca for president!
      He will do a hell of a better job, than lazy azz Obrador.

  5. People of cjng have backup clones that resemble Mencho, even though he is dead. Cjng want it to appear he is alive. Hitler had clones in many parts of Germany.

  6. My novias abuelos tios compadre saw Mencho at a taqueria by Lago Chapala. He ate al pastor and bottled water not coca cola. Calm down everyone.

    1. He ate the pastor?..i just read cjng were training new recruits to be cannibals so i guess its true..But eating a so called man of God? I wonder if he tasted like PASTA.

  7. A ruse to halt any or all investigations pertaining to his apprehension?
    Time will tell when a clip surfaces indicating otherwise.

  8. Mencho is very much alive
    Anyone with any doubts go to the following fiestas in Villa Purificacion or El Grullo ,i wont say which community exactly,youll see Mencho is very much Alive. Since day 1 i said he doesnt hidem only when cmdts/govt he cant bribe are looking for him or in his immediate areas does he go into "hiding" but even then its not under a rock or some tiny hole. He simply heads into the sierra de Cacoma by the vehicle until he can longer continue by car and walks or takes mules deep and high into the sierra or areas where he has to fly in either helicopter or plane. High up so he can see everything around him with look outs stationed in a way they see or hear everything just in case they mount operations looking for him.
    Mencho isnt even sick like that, hes alot heftier than what his pics amd he looks older as if stress did it to him

    The biggest sign that hes alive is Jalisco state is not a warzone. Since Cholos CNP death its been relatively calm. If he were dead all his enemies would be making plans to make incursions and take the crown jewel away from the organization. Look at what happened to all the states/plazas or groups that their leader died or was arrested and their enemies went into their territory to attempt/facilitate a takeover

    "bUt lOoK aT mIcHoACaN"
    Whats happening in Aguililla is a perfect example of above mentioned M2 died and they went into his plazas full force (of course with Sedena up front)
    BUT most importantly that has been happening to CJNG in Michoacan since they have been attempting to retake Michoacan
    Goe many tiems did CJNG take "El Aguaje"? OK now how many times did they take El Aguaje only to hold it for a very short time and have the Miitary do CU job and go in full force, making the Jaliscos leave? Literally happened over and over again and it still happens all over Michoacanm whenever cjng takes a plaza from CU, the Govt shortly after retakes it, CU "Hides" and CJNG bids its time until they leave and boom they come in and again take the plaza and CU runs and protests and cries to the Govt forcing their hand or they simply pay for an operation to retake the lost plaza..
    So that the govt came and retook Aguililla is no surprise nor is it a sign that Mencho died they probably kounted the operation quickly because they wanted to take advantage of El M2 death while cjng looked to who was going to replace him.

    What is happening in Colima happens all the time. Dude probably got tired of El Mayates leadership or got greedy or just chose to betray his counterparts and is trying to justify it and Stir shit up by claiming Mencho is dead.he probably never in his life spoke to Mencho, probably had contact with only El Mayate and he wantes to speak to Memcho and they shut him down saying he couldnt. Probably assumed because Mencho is dead. Who knows
    But truthfully i think its some Alucin or reporter trying to stir shot up/sell a story
    Or cjng ppl trying to fake Menchos death

    As for Sargy sayinh jes been dead since August or Sept of 2021. Hea Full of shit. Lara is a cjng Sympathizer/spokesman and is PAID to say whatever cjng wants him to say. He is CJNG biggest YT "ally" dude says way out shit sometimes and alot of times is obvious hes lying or exaggerating to save face for cjng or himself or protect that gigantic Ego of his

    If Mencho was dead every one would know. But like really know because there would be undeniable proof of it

    1. Mencho is dead ya chest steamer.
      He never went out of his cave.
      Fear of getting caught, with the high bounty USA has on him.
      Rip da Mencho.

    2. SOSA is always on point.

      So is M2 really dead?

    3. You do know that mencho dont own all of jalisco so there is always war over there.

    4. Lmfao my primos tell me different

    5. 1:21 forget M2 how about OG Shadows compa X1

    6. Sosa has a drone, he zoomed it into Menchos caves, and no one shot it down lol😂😂😂.
      Michoachangos Cjng going down.

  9. Hes not dead hes just sleeping but someone should wake him up because it smells like he shit his pants and hes starting to draw flies .

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. He got covid19 intubated, did not survive. Covid also gets into caves.

    2. 1;39
      Cuernavaca writes some stupid sh!t all drugged up and wakes up and erases it 😆
      Happens all the time

      Vato tonto!

    3. I was writing that your mom's name should be changed to " Super Head"

  11. Doesn't matter if you're 22yr, 38yr or 59yr old go back to school even if humiliated sitting in class with 8yr olds. at your level until u get to grade 12. Learning can't be taken from you but your freedom can if ur desperate and go to prison.

    Don't be in jail when told your mum, sister or dad has died and u can't attend funeral or comfort loved ones...cry alone in jail cell -- ALL men have cried cuz no one is made of granite. Learning at any level can hurt the brain lol but being free and self supporting is Nobel. Start smart today with baby footsteps🐣📚

    Canadian girl💋

    1. Canadian girl...
      I am glad you're telling that kid that is in here all day, to do something meaningful in life, weather locked up in jail.
      His rants about Michoachangos, has gotten lame, put some guidance on him.

  12. That foo ain't dead... He's faking it like chayo did with caballeros...or how Azul has been dead for the last 20 years. But yet the government still looking for him

    1. DaVaca is in Deniel.
      That picture is when he was young, he never wanted to be photographed as he got old.
      The rumor is going around, that he got Covid19, got the tubes, just did not make it.
      Cjng high command want people to think he is alive. Sorry DaVaca he is dead RIP

    2. I hope that clown is dead... That way shit falls back in line

    3. 10:10 sorry but CDS days are done. They are a shadow of theyre former selves. They can't even get along. Brats pushing 20 bags in Mexico city

  13. Fuck mencha and her family. Fuck that ugly ass wife of his and his kids. And this in laws. They all shld die

    1. Take it easy internet tough guys. Mexican and American government are scared of Mencho and Mayo. That’s the main reasons both still top of the game. AMLO and Biden can’t touch two top dogs, the bite hard.

  14. Cjng cheerleaders, I regret to inform you, die to unforeseen circumstances transpiring in Mexico. The word on the streets is, that Mencho got covid19 and has passed away, did not recover. Sorry Cjng cheerleaders.

  15. Y a ustedes en que les afecta la supuesta muerte de ese capo chilango.

  16. After Mencho was put on a 500mg Cephalexin 3x a day, he has cured his gonorrhea.

    i am pleased to inform the BB that he is alive and kicking.

  17. Mencho we told you, you would not live to be an old man. They say they Cjng are looking for a clone, someone that resembles you, to be an actor, as to continue the cjng empire growing. But that won't happen.

  18. Correction... That dude is dead. He was already sick as fuck. His health was shot

  19. Fuken Mencho is a dead flake, I think Cjng is going to splint.

  20. Who cares? Next demon up!And who the hell says "Rest in Peace" to a savage murderer?? Alive or dead makes no difference as the Cartels will continue raping,killing,torturing,dismembering, disappearing,extorting,and even eating one another.Heres hoping he is suffering eternally in the flames of hell!!If not yet hopefully soon.

  21. Itzli, thank you for reference to previous BB articles.💮 Speciba!

    1. Miss H is talking to imaginary persons. She has gone Coco.

  22. Menchito be sniffin too much of his daddy's G-Funk..... With his nose all busted up ... No mames


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