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Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Ciudad Valles, San Luis Potosí: Authorities Capture Members Of A Criminal Cell

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Following a confrontation and a persecution of gunfire

In the framework of the coordination operations implemented in the Altiplano Zone, in order to provide greater security to the inhabitants. As well as to fully combat the criminal incidence, the arrest of three persons considered as members of a criminal cell, generators of violence was recorded In the region. They were assured of weapons for the exclusive use of the Army, magazines and rounds. 

The events occurred through a special operation implemented by State Police, staff of the Secretariat of National Defense (Sedena) and National Guard.

Safety agents were seen on the Benito Juárez and Vicente Guerrero streets, the crew of a Chevrolet truck, who, when noticing the presence of security personnel descended armed from the truck. They fired against the officers, causing damage to the military personnel’s vehicle. 

During this, the authorities repelled the aggression and achieved the arrest of the three men, identified as José R., 36 years old; Jesus L., and Pedro I., both of 25 years of age. 

The alleged culprits were assured of two rifle-type long weapons, a short weapon, three magazines and 63 rounds. As well as the truck on which they were displaced, which had overlapping license plates.

The detainees and seized items were made available to the Attorney General's Office of the Republic.

El Mañana de Valles


  1. Who wants to bet they're michoachangos!

  2. Which criminal cell ?

    P.S. Members of a Criminal Cell Lives Matter!

    1. Italian mafia still runs the shit in the US? Or there's other groups that takes over?

    2. I believe Valles is FEGS or Spartans of CDG

  3. Ndrangheta will eat alive all this cartels easily

    1. Whether that's true or not, what's your point? Does that even matter? And so what!!!


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